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The Dark Era of Sindh Archaeology

The Dark Era of Sindh Archaeology

It is heartbreaking to see our precious archaeological sites being demolished on a daily basis by the land mafia, while the authorities remain silent

Aizaz Peerzado

The current state of the Archaeology of Sindh is a dark era indeed. It is heartbreaking to see our precious archaeological sites being demolished on a daily basis by the land mafia, while the authorities remain silent. Their inaction suggests that they may be complicit in this significant loss. As students of archaeology, it is our responsibility to raise our voices on this crucial issue.

Our archaeological sites are a testament to our rich and vibrant past, and we must do everything in our power to protect and preserve them. We must educate and raise awareness among our fellow citizens about the importance of these sites, for it is only through their demand for protection that we can save our heritage.

Lakhan Jo Daro- Sindh Courier-1Let us not forget that these sites, such as Lakhan Jo Daro and others in Sindh, are a part of our national identity and a source of pride.

Lakheen Jo Daro/Lakhan Jo Daro Second largest but now erased out of its existence. Hope for its recovery, it is being occupied by industrial Mafia and destruction is ongoing through making factories and commercial societies over the ruins. Why people choose to destroy their cultural heritage for making themselves economically strong?

Did you Know Lakheen Jo Daro has a crucial importance in the Indus archaeology throughout the world? In this morning I was reading an article on some finds from Lakheen jo Daro By Italian archaeologists Poalo Biagi and Massimo Vidale titled” Lakheen Jo Daro, an Indus Civilization settlement at Sukkur in Upper Sindh (Pakistan): A Scrap Copper Hoard and Human Figurine from a dated context”. After read it thoroughly I just thought that what is scientific method to aware the people about importance and place of cultural heritage in fully developed societies.

Lakhan Jo Daro- Sindh Courier-2The Bronze Age settlement of Lakheen-Jo-Daro is located in the northern outskirts of the city of Sukkur, ca. 2.5 km north of the present course of the Indus, where the river narrows to flow across the northernmost limestone fringes of the Rohri Hills. The site was accidentally discovered in 1985, though the first trial trenches were opened in 1994. During the cleaning of the profile of one of the trenches excavated in 1996, one copper anthropomorphic figurine was found very close to a small charcoal lens that was radiocarbon dated to 3960 140 b.p. (GrN-23123). The result attributes the deposit to a period of development of the Mature Indus Civilization. Other finds from the same trench consist of important, unique specimens among which are a group of white “steatite” micro-beads and a probable small hoard of copper items.

Therefore, we must unite and take action to ensure that they remain intact for future generations to appreciate and learn from.

It is time for us to be the voice of reason and demand that our authorities take swift action to protect and preserve our archaeological sites. Let us work together to ensure that our heritage remains unscathed, and we can continue to celebrate our past with pride.

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Aizaz Peerzado is resident of Village Balhreji near Mohen Jo Daro, District Larkano Sindh. He has graduated in Archaeology and currently is doing M.Phil. on fast vanishing heritage sites in the province – Images provided by the author


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