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Transcending Therapies, Driving Technologies

Transcending Therapies, Driving Technologies

World experts discuss AI’s role in diagnostic and therapeutic modalities at Interdisciplinary Urology Care Consortium held in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

The fourth edition of the Interdisciplinary Urology Care Consortium – IUCC 2024 will conclude on Sunday 26th May 2024 at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr in Abu Dhabi, with the participation of leading international doctors and lecturers under the theme” Transcending Therapies, Driving Technologies”.

The event highlights AI’s role in diverse diagnostic and therapeutic modalities across urology and other specialties, as well as the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality in education and training rather than traditional methods. The focus is on advancing research and techniques to enhance healthcare outcomes for patients.

Dr. Abdulqadir Al-Zarooni, President of the Emirates Urology Society (EUS) and IUCC Co-Chair, stated, “IUCC serves as a vital space for the exchange of knowledge among healthcare experts, uniting various medical disciplines with the shared objective of advancing urological patient care.

Each specialist brings forth unique perspectives and skills, enriching the diagnostic and treatment processes. Our primary focus remains on fostering collaboration and consolidating efforts to ensure optimal healthcare standards.”

The Interdisciplinary Urology Care Consortium – IUCC 2024 offers a unique platform where experts from various medical disciplines convene to communicate, share experiences, and stay updated on the latest developments and best practices in their field. With a focus on delivering effective and safe treatment to urological patients, the forum is expected to draw over 800 participants from 20 countries.

It features more than 76 specialized speakers, including renowned doctors from diverse fields, enriching the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

The event’s agenda comprises 8 scientific sessions featuring presentations, panel discussions, and 7 workshops showcasing cutting-edge advancements in the treatment of microscopic hematuria, laser urethrotomy, genital skin lesions, and a wide array of case discussions ranging from kidney stone treatment to bladder syndromes.

Topics include robotic surgeries, UTI treatment during pregnancy, recent developments in erectile dysfunction treatment, genetic testing in male infertility, and an evolutionary approach to prostate cancer management. The focus is on fostering a comprehensive approach to urinary care and encouraging research and publication in this field, particularly among graduates.

Given the growing importance of AI in diagnosis and treatment, the event prioritizes this approach.

Additionally, it will delve into the advancements in AI therapy tools and methodologies across multiple sessions and workshops throughout IUCC.

Moreover, Dr. Yasser Farahat, Chairman of the Arab School of Urology and IUCC Co-Chair, stated, “Annually, this conference presents a unique opportunity to advance patient care, with a particular emphasis this year on the utilization of artificial intelligence in diagnosis and treatment. Gathering esteemed urology experts and professionals from various disciplines worldwide, we aim to delve into the latest scientific advancements in this domain. Throughout the event, we will spotlight novel techniques aimed at enhancing treatment outcomes for patients.”

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IUCC is dedicated to inspiring young urologists, fellows, and residents to actively pursue research and publication endeavors to cultivate this passion, and has implemented a stimulating competition where participants submit their work for evaluation and recognition. This initiative not only encourages excellence but also fosters a culture of innovation within the urology community.

In addition, Prof. Mohsen Elmekresh, Consultant and Head of Urology and Men’s Health, Mediclinic Middle East and IUCC Scientific Chair, said, “The annual urology forum showcases top treatment options from leading doctors in the UAE and worldwide. It unites a distinguished team of specialists from various medical disciplines, providing a platform to discuss the latest scientific and medical advancements, especially regarding the use of artificial intelligence in medicine.”

Participants at IUCC 2024 can avail up to 14 CME Accredited by Dubai Health Authority (DHA). The event is complemented by an exhibition showcasing cutting-edge technologies and products from top urology companies. Participants can engage with exhibitors and gain insights into the latest technologies utilized in the field.

The fourth edition of IUCC is organized by the Arab Association of Urology and Arab School of Urology, supported by the Emirates Oncology Society, Dubai Health Authority, and Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, and conference secretariat is INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions.

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