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Umerkot Women at front for Heat Wave Preparedness

Umerkot Women at front for Heat Wave Preparedness

The women are taking proactive steps to ensure the safety and well-being of their neighborhoods.

Umerkot, Sindh

Amidst the rising heat waves in Umerkot area, women’s self-help groups are emerging as frontline leaders in safeguarding their communities. Through a joint initiative they are raising awareness in their own areas to keep the community safe from temperature.

These women are taking proactive steps to ensure the safety and well-being of their neighborhoods.

Under the NCA-funded Faith in Action for Sustainable Climate Resilience project, implemented by SPO in Umerkot and Sanghar districts, the active women from each group have been empowered to educate and guide their communities on staying safe and hydrated during scorching temperatures.

Heat Wave-2One of the primary measures taken by these women is to refrain from outdoor activities between 11 am and 4 pm, when the sun’s intensity is at its peak. This joint and timely initiative highlights the invaluable role of women in community resilience-building efforts, particularly in regions prone to extreme weather events.

Women self-help groups are not only disseminating crucial information but also leading by example, ensuring that vulnerable members, especially the elderly, are protected from the adverse effects of heat waves.

Women under Faith in Action for Sustainable Climate Resilience project trained by DDMA in Umerkot and Sanghar are energetic pillars in the fight against heat waves.

Neeli from Mariyam Nagar village of Umerkot shared, “We need to protect ourselves against the heat by wearing a cloth on our head and drinking lemon water, salt, and sugar time to time.

Kenko Bai, a member of the Women’s Self-Help Group, said that in summer, not only humans but also animals and birds suffer. “I have kept water for the birds in my house so they can drink, and water for the livestock as well. I am also sharing this message with our village and nearby neighbors so that together we can save the human, birds and animals from this intense heat.”

Heat Wave-3Seeta Bai, President of the women self-help group Muzafar Abad in Umerkot, said that, “As women, we are deeply connected to our communities. We understand the challenges caused by climate change and are committed to taking proactive measures to mitigate its impact through local knowledge and wisdom.”

She said we need to take collective efforts for a safer and more resilient environment through tree plantation campaigns

This is the first time in Umerkot where rural women are using community-centric approach for combating heat waves and are working as agents of change. By connecting their local knowledge, folk wisdom and leadership capabilities, the initiative is not only enhancing climate resilience but also promoting gender empowerment and social cohesion within these communities.

Through joint efforts, coordination, and grassroots engagement, rural women are leading the heat wave campaigns in every village. Such voluntary initiatives are really evidence of self-reliance, which is paving the way for effective climate adaptation strategies at the local level. As heat waves continue to pose a threat to vulnerable populations in May, June, and July 2024, initiatives led by women self-help groups serve as hope, representing the power of local action in addressing global challenges with due capacity. (PR)



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