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A Piece of Bread

A Piece of Bread
File Photo depicting hunters' camp in a desert.

Allah Obhayo Dal, a young poet of Sindh shares the poetic prose on cruelties of foreign hunters.  

[author title=”Allah Obhayo Dal ” image=”https://sindhcourier.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/AllahObhayoDal-SindhCourier.jpg”]Hailing from Khipro town, District Sanghar, Sindh, Pakistan, Allah Obhayo Dal has done Masters in sociology from University of Sindh and currently is doing a government job in Karachi. Around 100 of his poems have been published online.[/author]


A Piece of Bread

Every winter in the desert,

Groups of foreign hunters,

Arrive from foreign lands

For hunting deer, houbara bustards, and Siberian migrated birds, with all amenities along with peregrine falcons.

 Once, a little barefoot shepherd, thirsty, hungry and worried, after a long quest, reaches near the dry well and a tree, seeking shade, searching for his missing goats.

 But finds a tent city, embellished bottles of mineral water, beverages, festoon toasted deer and other luscious food, at long and wide dining tables!

 The little shepherd peeps from the crevice of the tent, amazing interiors luxurious mats, sconces and lamps, the first time in his life. An empty stomach makes him hungrier!

 He desires getting some food, takes a little piece of bread and run away,

He strives to run as fast as he could but all the hunters were chasing him, with the help of the local men.

 Eventually, the small boy fell down on dunes, scared, gasping and panting, 

Unconscious he became, and all the hunters laughed triumphantly raising their fingers as a sign of victory.

Conquered and overpowered the little shepherd, hunters ripped his body like vultures and wolves.

 And far away, a blind mother in a straw shack anxiously awaited her sole son…