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Blasphemy – The Poetry from Bengal

Blasphemy – The Poetry from Bengal

The road is open

Only you can’t see

The road is always there

Only you can’t find!

[author title=”Suhina Biswasmajumdar” image=”https://sindhcourier.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Contemporary-World-Literature-Suhina-Biswasmajumdar-Sindh-Courier.jpg”]Suhina Biswasmajumdar is a writer from Kolkata, Bengal. A life-long devotee of Swami Vivekananda, Suhina is against any discrimination. Two significant life-forces propel her – ‘love’ and ‘writing’. Suhina’s book ‘Tumi’ (you) and Songs of Silence (A Journey to Love), are collections of her poetic thoughts.[/author]



The road is open

Only you can’t see

The road is always there

Only you can’t find


Now you create crack and control

Or conspire to conquer


Me, the free will of existence

Like puppet of your hand

Just allow you


You praise my divinity while

Enjoy to ignite the devil within you



There’s no wall no border no glamorous story of hell


Hell exists nowhere

Only you never trust

Your own divinity


Door isn’t there

As there’s no wall at all

Only you can’t sense the riddle.


The Lost….


If I wish to die

Allow me,

Please allow me


Just for a second,

Be kind

Kind to me


Only once before my death

Only once before the world would realize

Allow me

I allow the whole world

To admire the masked you,

Before that


Allow me


If I wish to survive






Sometimes you know, I love to be with me

Wish to be happy and


And break into pieces

I know only then I make a new one.

New one or mended?


Brand new

It’s my own

In your dream why do I wish to be a miser!

Yes, sometime

Sometime I love to be honored rescued

I love to sleep after those sleepless nights, if I can.



How many times you whisper: “Sorry”

How many times you apologize: “Sorry”

How many times you feel sorry….

Just once face the broken mirrors of your ego, pride n hunger


Are you craving for anyone’s mercy?

You too …  between bullet n blushing cheek….


No, I’m not laughing.

I forget to wish to whistle to whip


Unlike you I never be Sorry



Destination or destined to

Or desire….


Longing for a sweet crispy bite

More passionate

Than hers


Love or life or light

What affects more?

What demands more?

What desperately deplores more?

When you…. hold….


I know you have options

Know you have options to fantasize

While enjoying the blade of reality my mortality whispers,

Advice juggles and me….

Love to be a non-playing teammate of the champion cup


At the end of the day

I, the ball boy enjoy the game

Like the thirsty battlefield victory or defeat hardly touches my soul.