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Compassion is the Essence of Humanity

Compassion is the Essence of Humanity

“The nature of humanity, its essence, is to feel another’s pain as one’s own. And to act to take that pain away. There is nobility in compassion, a beauty in empathy, a grace in forgiveness.” – John Connolly

By Aisha Saeed                                                                

Man learns from life as it is full of surprises and it helps to understand the importance of everything that comes across but the true human are those who try to secure and comfort others. All human beings are equal and this world is full of misery. Each of us has to engage in a jarring struggle for existence and modern civilized life has made simple ways of living more complicated. Yet, nature gives birth to beautiful things; the sun with its magnificent sunshine, twinkling stars and vibrant moon, huge mountains, flowing rivers is a source of great joy. The trees and flowers comfort our senses and soul. Despite all these beauties humanity is to serve human beings, as Dalai Lama says, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”

Social service is an activity for the welfare of others. Throughout man’s life whatever he receives from life is a debt that is to return in terms of the smallest possible gestures of kindness and compassion towards others. Compassion gives the ability to understand someone else’s situation and the desire to take action to improve their lives. There are many inspiring examples who took action for social and humanitarian services, like, Florence Nightingale, her selfless service to the sick and dying, in the field of nursing; Robert Baden-Powell was the founder of the worldwide boys scout movement; Henry Dunant was a Nobel peace winner and founder of Red Cross- a humanitarian organization; Ruth Katherina Martha Pfau devoted her life for serving leprosy patients and successfully overcoming the disease in our country. Their great services for mankind will keep them alive for generations to come and even beyond.

Compassion-2Compassion is a relationship between equals; we can aware of the darkness in others’ life well only when we are aware of our own darkness. Real compassion is recognized by our shared humanity not in cold as charity.

While writing this article I got an opportunity to share a very beautiful story of two brothers, having kindness and compassion for each other. This story helps us understand the importance of compassion for each other and in overall society for establishing peace and relaxation. The story is taken from the Skills Development Manual under the program of and published by the Government of Sindh.

Two brothers worked together on the family farm. One was married and had a large family. The other was single. At the day’s end, the brothers shared everything equally, produce and profit. Then one day the single brother said to himself, “It is not right that we should share equally the produce and the profit. I’m alone and my needs are simple.” So each night he took a sack of grain from his bin and crept across the field between their houses, dumping it into his brother’s bin.

Meanwhile, the married brother said to himself, “It is not right that we should share the produce and the profit equally.  After all, I’m married and I have my wife and children to look after me in years to come. My brother has no one, and no one to take care of his future.” So each night he took a sack of grain and dumped it into his single brother’s bin.

Both men were puzzled for years because their supply of grain never dwindled. Then one dark night the two brothers bumped into each other. Slowly it dawned on them what was happening. They dropped their sacks and embraced one another.

compassion-4rCompassion is at the heart of every little thing we do. The little selfless gestures of care and comfort for others make us infer the true spirit of happiness and peace within. It is the dearest quality we possess, yet all too often it can be cast aside with consequences too tragic to speak of. To lose our compassion, we lose what is to be human.

“Compassion is not just feeling with someone, but seeking to change the situation. Frequently people think compassion and love are merely sentimental. No! They are very demanding. If you are going to be compassionate, be prepared for action” – Desmond Tutu.

[author title=”Aisha Saeed ” image=”https://sindhcourier.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Aisha-Saeed-Sindh-Courier.jpg”]Aisha Saeed is a student of law and former Lecturer of University of Karachi.[/author]