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Contemporary World Literature – A Poem from Peru

Contemporary World Literature – A Poem from Peru

Contemporary World Literature- Ramina- Peru- Sindh CourierContemporary World Literature

A Poem from Peru

Homage to Mother

By Ramina Herrera Arteaga

ContemporaryWorldLiterature-Ramina-Herrera-SindhCourierRamina Herrera Arteaga, born in Luya, Amazonas, Peru in 1979, is a Business Administrator by profession. She graduated from the National University of Trujillo – UNT. She received an honorable mention in the 2002 UNT Flower Tales. Her poetry “Memories of Unborn” was published online by the magazine “Voices” of Spain. In 2006 it was included in the anthology “Caminos de Poesía” (Editorial Fund of the Provincial Municipality of Cajamarca. ”In 2007 it published the Poemario“ Nocturna Soledad y otros Poemas ”(Katequil Editores). Currently finishing the layout of the second edition (digital) of “Nocturna Soledad y otros Poemas”, culminating in the poems “WRITINGS OF THE LUNA WOMAN” and “LUYA, PEDACITO DE CIELO”; also promoting a group OLEOS Y VERSOS -PERU that brings together poets and visual artists to join to a larger Latin American group called JUNTOS POR LAS LETRAS, headquartered in Argentina; participates in the Global Poet and Poetry group and is an active member of the board of directors and editorial board; She has been awarded many prestigious recognition for her writing.

I learned it from you

As a child, I don’t remember seeing you cry

Always strong,

With unshakable temperance

Smile on face

But it lasts to breed

With discipline to four children!

I saw you fulfill different roles

Garden teacher


Entrepreneur in trade,

Agriculture, raising, guinea pigs,

Rabbits, pigs, chickens

Baking panels,

Making jam,

Making weaklings

And many other etcetera

I wonder now

How did you do it?

You had the help of my older sisters

But you multiplied.

I admire you mother

 Because you didn’t spill

Tears when you should,

When you shut things up

And you kept them in the depths of your soul,

When you were smiling on the outside

And many times your heart was shattered.

I admire you mother

Because you were always there

For the four children

Always supporting

Always praying!

I, the little black sheep

I bless you with much or little light

That I have in my soul

And I am immensely grateful

Having accepted me as a daughter,

I learned more than I planned

You taught me what your conscience knew

But mine still did not wake up

And today, 41 years later

And unveiled some bandages

I follow

Needing your lap

Of your hugs

Of your kisses on my cheeks

To sleep next to you!

I love you, mom,

What I have learned to date

I learned it from you,

I don’t have your strength

But I am a little ant

Working like you,

I don’t have your smile

But if the nobility of your heart,

I don’t have your wisdom

But if you want to learn,

I don’t have eyes that hold back tears

But I promise to do less

I don’t have your courage

But I keep going

Despite my obstacles

The good in me … is thanks to you…