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Contemporary World literature: Women in Love – A Poetic Anthology

Contemporary World literature:  Women in Love – A Poetic Anthology

Contemporary World literature - Women in Love – A Poetic Anthology - Sindh Courier-2Women in Love – A Poetic Anthology

“Women in Love” is a Poetic Anthology, with 15 poems written by global poetesses. The Greek poet and storyteller Eva Petropoulou Lianoy collected the poems celebrating the Valentine Day. The anthology was designed by Egyptian poet and novelist Ashraf Aboul-Yazid and published in the Silk Road Literature series.

The 15 poetesses who authored the poems included Eva Petropoulou Lianoy herself, who works as a web radio producer reading fairy tales at radio logotexniko vima every Sunday for children. Recently she became responsible for the children literary section in Vivlio anazitiseis publications in Cyprus. Eva’s recent work includes: “The water Amazon fairy called Myrtia”, illustrated by Vivi Markatos, and “Fairytravel with stories from Far East”.  She writes: “Unmask yourself, Welcome Passion, as you have the right to be Happy, every minute of your life.”

Photini Karamouzis Chalkias, one of the Greek lady contributors, is a graduate of the School of Science in Early Childhood Education in the sector of Special Education and Psychology, owning also a Certificate of Specialization in ‘Special Research Account on Mental and Community Health Programs’ “Emotional Intelligence and Self-Esteem”. Hence she acquired the Official Document of Acknowledgement in Tutoring Qualifications, and a certificate in Family Engagement & Education in Harvard University.

She has been an Arts-Cultural Mediator in a Performative Fine Art s & Creativity Association. Photini is the founder of the artistic union ‘Ulysses’. For more than 10 years she has worked as a private tutor in English-speaking schools and as an Educational Psychologist on young people with learning disabilities and mental disorders.

Another Greek poem was written by Amphitrite Constantelos-Manuel who was born in a small town of Messinia, Greece, named Spilia. After graduating from the Gymnasion of Kyparissia, she emigrated in the USA. She graduated from the teacher’s college of St. Basil and became a teacher of Greek Language. She married Chrysostom Manuel who was ordained as a Greek Orthodox Minister and started teaching Greek Language in the communities where her husband served as their priest. She continued her education and earned BA from the North Carolina State University in history and education. She taught Greek at the Comment Language School of Ford Bragg to Special Forces soldiers.

She has published a collection of poems in Greek and English: “Σκιρτήματα Καρδιάς Φτερουγίσματα του Νου- few thoughts, few tears, a little laughter”, two children’s books: “Three Aesop’s Tales Retold in Verse”, “Five Aesop’s Tales Retold in Verse” and a translation in Greek of the classic “The Night before Christmas”.

The Greek collection also has Pertha Kalemi, who was born in Andissa, a village of Lesvos. She has graduated from the Commercial College of Athens and has a degree in Hotel Business Management, specifically in the “Archipelagos” educational program of the Organization of Greek Tourism (E.O.T).

From a young age she was an amateur actress for theater plays. She has played with the Amateur Literary Club “BOURINI” in Greece and abroad. She has also attended theatrical classes. She has since her childhood been and still is an active member of the Greek Guiding Association (G.G.A.). Today she is president of the Guiding Camping Center in Mihou (G.G.A.), a member of the Administrative Council of the Scientific Union “Aiolian Studies Company” and also a member of “Lesvos’s Oral History Union”. She often takes part in educational seminars, Poetry Symposiums, and in Greek and Universal conferences. She has also taken part in numerous Poetry evenings, book presentations and literature speeches for poets and intellectuals.

She has been thoroughly studying Greek and Global literature and poetry. In June 2017, she published her first poetic collection, titled “Untraveled Dreams” and her lyrical proses “Erotic Alleluia” are recently being published. Apart from poetry, she writes essays, book critiques, folklore and prose.

Poet, Essay writer and book Critic, Dimitris Nikoretzos, is her spiritual parent.

Another Greek participant is Parthena Tsoktouridou, who was born in Ptolemaida, Eordea, and has been writing since 1994. She has been involved in painting, theater, journalism and directing children’s plays.

Her diverse and multi-year activity was occasionally published in newspapers, magazines and television channels. She was an active member of the Writers’ Union of Northern Greece and various associations. She participated in 24 anthologies of literary and fiction books, in literary magazines, poetry diaries and encyclopedias. She published 15 literary books and dealt with studies, folklore, history, art.

Her children’s plays and a poetic historical composition were performed in various parts of Greece by artistic groups. She has been awarded 33 times by various cultural and publishing bodies. Her poems were set to music. She presented numerous Pontian events with speeches and her poetry in public places and television channels. She has presented literary books by many authors and poets, as well as her own. Organized dance festivals and all kinds of literary and artistic events. She has participated in many literary conferences and group painting exhibitions with works of her own.

Concluding the Greek group of poetesses, we have Kapardeli Eftichia. She is a PhD in literature from ARTS AND CULTURE WORLD ACADEMY. She lives in Patras. She writes poetry, stories, short stories, hai-ku and essays. She has studied journalism from A.K.E.M. she has many awards in national competitions. She has many national and international anthologies to her credit. She is a member of the World Poets’ society.

The anthology gives a space to Deema Mahmood, Egyptian poetess. She has a bachelor degree in Computer Sciences and Statistics, and worked as Professor Assistant for many years in the departments of Computer sciences, Mathematics and Statistics in both the College of Education and the College of Health Sciences in Abha, Saudi Arabia. Currently, she is a voiceover, an audio narrator, a storyteller and a dubbing actor. Her publications: Braids of Spirit (Poetry), Dar Al-Adham, Cairo, 2015. I Pick Quarrels with the Horizon over a Violin (Poetry), Dar Al Ain, Cairo, 2017. In her poem, A Butterfly, Translated by Mary Madec. She wrote:

“As a raw butterfly, I float at home

In the time of the kitchen           

Cutting a piece of it for poetry that is beyond curtain

Nobody knows that a poem melted down from me

Whereas washing dishes

 A storm of words swept me while cooking okra

I sometimes, don’t have any explanation for the momentum covering me while grilling fish

Like pendulum, the stanzas vibrate in my head

I want them likewise, swinging and stressing

Not to be polished by the vapor of frying and the smell of cleaning powders

May I wrap them in a towel, not to be wet by moisture while cooling in the fridge

Scarcely, I hurried to write down my stanzas

That spouts from the kitchen, on the mobile notes

When my home day ends, I look at the mirror

Touching my eyelashes, eyes, lips and my roses

So, I have rapture from my lissome completion

The idols of poetry that tempted me at the kitchen,

Lurks in my braid and refuses to get out

I try to remember but in vain, as if fell in the soup plate

Of my husband who swigged it saying:

Explain to me why some of your food is more delicious than others

In other times,

He winks me flirting at the mirror

Pulling out the poetry stanzas from my hair

Printing them with his music on my lips

Then, I want to step to complete the poem.”

Contemporary World literature - Women in Love – A Poetic Anthology - Sindh Courier-1Another Arab contribution comes from Tunisia. Imen Melliti has been qualified in international relations ( PhD), master of art in translation , master of art in gender studies , bilingual translator , journalist in Electronic press , chief member in cultural associations , publishing in 2017 “master your English ” for intermediate student “, children stories 2021 (in printing process). Of her words: “On the day of earth, Humanity is mourning its birth”.

Awarded internationally by humanitarian associations, Arab Council, nominated as peace ambassador from Al Furat International Organization for Peace, participated in several anthologies.

Italian Maria D’Ippolito (Iris) is a writer and poet, who was born in Rome and lives in Tuscany. She is an ecologist and nature lover with a passion for writing. She has won numerous awards, and is also present in various anthologies for children.

The Young author from Turkey is TÜRKAN ERGÖR. She is a sociologist, writer, poet and columnist. Türkan Ergör was awarded the Excellence in Literature Award by Spanish-World Writers’ Union-UNIÓN HISPANOMUNDIAL DE ESCRITORES UHE. She was born on 19 March 1975 in city Çanakkale, Turkey. She was awarded International “Best Poet 2020” by the International Multi-Disciplinary Research Conference. Her poems have been translated into different languages and published. She has won many international awards. Her poems were published in International Anthologies.

A unique participation has been written by Ljubica Katic, who was born in 1957 in Niksic-Montenegro: “I have been writing children’s, love, social, haiku and spiritual poetry since early childhood. Many of my poems have been translated into several foreign languages and represented in various anthologies. My first independent collection was published in May 2020 in the bilingual edition Croatian-English.

The second collection will be published in March this year. I am a member of many literary associations. I have won many awards and recognitions. I live and work in Split – Croatia.”

Far away, from Mexico comes Jeanette Eureka Tiburcio, the Mexican Pandora’s box, restless mind, always open heart, passionate, tireless soul, lover of education, art and culture, with 28 years at the service of youth and childhood, from education, art and culture , specialist detecting talent, developing it and promoting it in different disciplines. Architect, Pedagogue, Linguist, born communicator, lecturer, writer by need of contribution, promoter of peace, culture, values and art, with different activities under her charge, she has 7 Honoris Causa Doctorates, studies of 2 academic masters, 5 honoris causa masters in the world and different recognitions, she studied 20 postgraduate degrees in different disciplines. She is president, founder or advisor in different institutions on different continents Like a Thousand Minds for Mexico, Mexicans on the Net, Coalition Morocco Mexico Alliance AICHYCI, ETC.  She grew up in a family of French-Mexican and Arab aristocratic lines, aware of her past and maker of her future, putting her life at the service of a better humanity for all.

Representing Asia, RINI VALENTINA, is a trilingual writer – Indonesian, English and Spanish. She has published 16 poetry collection books and 2 short story books, a story translation from Serbia and 7 international multilingual anthology books published on Amazon Kindle (Amazon.com) where she is the chief editor and compiler. She is working currently in two international anthologies in Spanish and English. The woman who also has a hobby of cycling is also known as an editor, translator and self-publisher. Hundreds of her poems are scattered in several international magazines and anthologies.

The Asian touch is also represented by HONG NGOC CHAU, (Full name: NGUYEN CHAU NGOC DOAN CHINH), Vietnam. University Degree: Master of Education Management. She is President of UHE (Vietnam); Inspector and supervisor of W.U. P (World Union of Poets) Member of the Association of Writers of Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). World Literary Prize: World poetic Star 2019; Diploma of II ND Level “Temirqazyq – the Best Poet – Writer of the World 2019”. Certificate of honor is a Gold categorized member in Motivational Strip showing outstanding qualities in global literary excellence and contributions 2019; Premio Mundial A La Excelencia Literaria 2019-2020; WORLD AWARDS “CÈSAR VALLEJO 2020”, for education, culture, academy, art, reporting, communication, TV, business, civic, human rights. Books of poems published:  Vietnamese Contemporary Poetry (Volume 1) The road to the true heart, Pitiable or Blamable, and a lot of printed works in newspapers, magazines, and general publications. She writes: “I’d like to tell you: my love is naïve and innocent, With a lot of dreams so passionate and ardent, I long for my ambition under the immense sky, A great love might melt my loneliness like ice.”

Also from Asia is Jyotirmaya Thakur (retired Principal) who is the author of twenty five books. Multi – genre award winning poet of more than 300 awards from literary and humanitarian organizations. She is a reviewer, translator, columnist, researcher, spiritual, social and an environmental activist. She serves on various prestigious Committees as Ambassador in many literary and humanitarian organizations. Her work has been published in many anthologies, magazines internationally and translated in many languages. She has shared a beautiful poem, which says ‘Beauty of love crosses all borders’.


Grandeur of love is in heart of the beholder,

A little hug in kind is a grand gesture,

Let’s remember the child in us without measure,

And embrace the wild with infinite pleasure.


Beauty of love crosses all borders,

Touches every heart in smiling weather,

In all seasons hot or cold rains compassion,

Toughest heart softens at sweet actions.


Sacred innocuous gentleness within,

Greets violence, dissolves all enmity,

Befriending attraction mesmerize to tilt,

A golden bond of genuine feelings build.


The passionate hands of love enclosing,

Brings a smile to adversary humbling,

Profound love of child and wild is enchanting,

Divine being resides in all lives unfolding.


The vision of love is beyond description,

Once found it loses all limitations,

Love belongs to all in universal celebration,

Every atom is attached to another in jubilation.


Acceptance without discrimination of any kind

Arouses deep respect of companionship in mind,

No race, no colour, no breed, no variation in time

Rejuvenate a primal bond innately sublime.


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Ashraf Aboul-yazidReport on ‘Women in Love – A Poetic Anthology’ has been shared exclusively with Sindh Courier by eminent Egyptian poet, travelogue writer, journalist, novelist and Editor-in-Chief of Silk Road Literature Mr. Ashraf Aboul-Yazid who himself is the author of around three dozen books. His poetic works have been translated in several languages including Sindhi language, the official language of Sindh (a province of Pakistan), known as Young Egypt in history books. 



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