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For the lights of Dreams – Poetry from Albania

For the lights of Dreams – Poetry from Albania
Drini River flowing in Shkodër

He despaired of the word, his throat stopped

The dreams of hope, time slams them.

Prenda Sejdia, an eminent poet from Albania, shares her poems  

Prenda Sejdia - Albania - Sindh CourierPrenda Sejdia was born in the beautiful village of Bugjon (Pukë in Albania). When she was still a child, her family moved to Tropoja where she also finished high school. Prenda graduated from the “Luigj Krasniqi” University of Shkodra, at the Faculty of Science and Education. Since 1993 she has been working and operating in Lezha, a model city with cultural, patriotic and religious traditions. Prenda also distinguishes herself in art: in particular in the genre of poetry, criticism and analysis, as well as in literary study, and in the historical monograph or of Ethnic Culture. Prenda is also Editor of the magazine PENA E ARTË – THE GOLDEN PEN and has published its first three issues. She also collaborates with the magazines: METAFORA and ROZAFA. She has written and published a considerable number of publications and reviews for various books and several national authors. She has published 29 books so far and is co-author in various anthologies.

Rozafa Castle


He despaired of the word, his throat stopped

The dreams of hope, time slams them


Guard makes him pain your distance

Endless jargon, disappointing time

The day begins with memories and the evening sets them


Your absence kills every cell

Mystery not revealed in the tides of the soul

Bizarre Europe, the lights of dreams extinguished


Continue the journey through decades and eras

Loneliness and anger were made with silence.


The roads of hope, nostalgia

He takes them between the words

In distant corners oblivion brings you

The mother misses the embrace of love


In peace we drank the tasteless

Until we got drunk

The word drained on our lips at the scorching climax

It filled up, it was… Yes…

He filled himself with torment.


Ura_e_Mesit_Mbi_Perroin_e_Kirit_07 Mesi Bridge built in 1770
Mesi Bridge built in 1770 – Images: Wikipedia


Even his thirst was poisoned very badly

The candid blood oppressed

Under the mask they were laughing

Those ferocious beasts

Deceived was the boundless sky

Deceived in the name of angels.


Even the seasons were changed by deception

Just as they cheated their thirst,

They poisoned her.


Oh this ointment of the word

Fire extinguishes them to deception

The thirst for logic

The paths of life went crazy


The yellow disaster of the seasons

The beginning we don’t know and the end

Nor does it stop immigration.

Droja from the noise

In thoughts trembles

Jackals and furs wore

Time full of thirst swallow

The sigh of deception

It only echoes the evo.

* Droja, municipality in the District of Croia in Albania


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