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Hang the spring moon – A Poem from Korea

Hang the spring moon – A Poem from Korea
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A corner of the sky is cut out, and the spring breeze blows in and out

Kim Bomseo, a poetess from Korea, the Land of Morning Calm, shares her poem

Kim Bomseo Poetess Korea - Sindh CourierPoetess Ms. Kim Bomseo (real name Kim Mi-hee) was born in Boryeong, South Chungcheong Province of South Korea in 1968. She graduated from Hallym University’s Graduate School of Social Welfare with a master’s degree. In 2019, she won the 19th Quarterly Literary Sensitivity Award for New Writers.
She wrote poetry collections ‘Touching the Forehead of the Stars’, ‘Cherry Blossom Anniversary Attack Incident’ and ‘Decasi Sky Ticket Office’.

Hang the spring moon

A corner of the sky is cut out

And the spring breeze blows in and out,

Allows it to create floral patterns


He may have dark eyes at night,

It would be perfect to hang a bright spring moon.

Colorless longing gathers the energy of memories,

Offer fire rituals


Cut the long-frozen language into pieces and put it in an earthenware vessel,

And brew bitter water,

The uneven language sank like sediment.

Spring comes to me at an old pace,


I keep laughing

I learned that when spring comes,

Flowers bloom on people’s bodies too.

Flowers bloom as warm as the moonlight,


4724391c13b1fcafbe8bc1dea5263bdf 달을 걸다


하늘 귀퉁이 오려낸다

봄바람 드나들며

꽃무늬를 있도록,


그이는 밤눈이 어두울지 모르니

화사한 달을 걸어두면 제격이겠다

무채색 그리움이 추억의 에너지를 긁어모아

화제火祭를 드린다


오랫동안 얼어붙은 언어를 토막 내어 질그릇에 담아

물을 우려 낸다

미처 고르지 못한 언어가 앙금처럼 가라앉았다

내게 봄은 낡은 속도로 오지만,


자꾸만 웃음이 난다

사람도 봄이 오면 몸에

꽃이 핀다는 알게 되었다

달빛처럼 따뜻한 꽃이 핀다는 ,


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