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Health official meets petrol-addict girl, her family


Health official meets petrol-addict girl - Sindh Courier - JatiThe 7-year Janat Mallah will undergo some tests for her treatment

Girl, hailing from a remote village, might be sent to rehabilitation center – DHO Dr. Shahnaz Khowaja

By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Sujawal: Dr. Shahnaz Khowaja, District Health Officer (DHO) of Sujawal, in pursuance of the directions issued by the Deputy Commissioner, visited the village Mamu Mallah of Jati Taluka on Tuesday and met with the seven-year girl Janat Mallah, addicted to petrol consumption, and her family.

Later, talking to the media persons, the DHO said she acquired the information about the girl’s ailment from her parents and added that the decision about her treatment would be taken after carrying out few tests of the girl.

DHO said that after the treatment of girl’s internal infections that might have developed inside her body, she would be sent to a rehabilitation center for the treatment of her mental disorder.

Earlier, Deputy Commissioner Sujawal M. Ismail Memon took notice of the miserable condition of the girl saying that the life of the girl would be saved at any cost and directed the DHO for medical examination of the girl with the life-taking addiction.

It was expected that a team of doctors will visit village Mamu Mallah for the medical examination of the girl.

Health official meets petrol-addict girl - Sindh Courier - Jati-1The father of the girl told the media that his daughter had been consuming petrol since last two years and whenever they stopped her from consumption, she went ballistic. Further, he said, his daughter was suffering from mental illness since her childhood, and she started consuming petrol surreptitiously two years ago and owing to financial constraints, it was hard for him to afford the expenses of her daughter’s treatment.

When this scribe contacted a local doctor, he viewed that the girl could be treated through a psychologist, as it was an addiction, and a psychologist would help her do away with it.

The girl’s story was highlighted by local journalists, who said if they had not highlighted the issue the people of the area would have come up with the opinion that the girl had been possessed by Jinn.

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A local doctor examining the petrol-addict girl.