Motherland is pride for everyone

The article analyzes the character of Chanesar as portrayed by Shaikh Ayaz in the opera ‘Doday Jo Moat’ (Part II)

Those who own the earth, are facilitated by the earth and those who ignore the importance of motherland are pushed to the wall like the character of Chanesar.

By Noor Ahmed Janjhi

Man was created from clay. The fragrance of the clay and soil can be sensed throughout human conscience. All the people of conscience have remained great fans of the motherland because of that eternal relationship. Those who have no commitment with motherland have been proven traitors throughout the leaves of human history. Man was also created from the potter’s clay. It plays a pivotal role in human development. All the sustenance is produced from the soil and it facilitated the growth and development process in human beings. Man has done great achievements and the process of achievements is going on. The soil, land, earth or clay play an important role in all of human maneuverings. In the last, human beings return back to earth to be decomposed and be absorbed in it. Earth is man’s pride. The globe has been remained axis of human activities, developments and destructions. Man crosses his limits and tries to cross the limits of nature when enjoys riding on the blind horse of power. Such human moves disturb the atmospheric frame of the globe. Resultantly, the climatic process is affected badly. Market has attributed whole business with such slogan called ‘climate change’. Those who own the earth, are facilitated by the earth and those who ignore the importance of motherland are pushed to the wall like the character of Chanesar.

Shaikh Ayaz in his opera ‘Doday Jo Moat’ has depicted the character of Chanesar as a person with complexes. Chanesar is such an ambitious character who goes ahead for sake of power and returns back when felt repentance. Sometimes, he expresses words of wisdom too. His role starts with the drinking of wine and listening to the singing by Chholi. She suggests him something which takes him towards a deep thinking and he asks her for another song. As he was enjoying the singing by Choli, the commander of the Sultanate army enters into the tent and apprises Chanesar of the refusal by Dodo. The news strikes them dangerously. They drink much more wine to reduce the shock of the news. The commander of Sultanate army pulls Chholi towards him but she gets away from him and embraces Chanesar to get refuge from an alien person. Chanesar says laughingly as:

ها ها هاها، ها ها ها ها

اوهو اوهو ، آها آها

هونئن ته گُلڙا روز ڇڻن ٿا

پر هر ڪنهن کي پوءِ به وڻن ٿا

عورت ڪوئي جادو آهي

چانڊوڪيءَ ۾ خوشبو آهي،

۽ خوشبو تي ڪو ڀي ڀونئرو

آهي رس جو لوڀي ڀونئرو

مُنڌ کٿوريءَ دٻلي آهي

اُن کي کولي جو به وراهي

اُن جي خوشبو ڦهلائي ٿو

هرڪنهن جو من گرمائي ٿو

(Hahaha, hahah, hoho, hoho. Oh! Oh! Ah, Ah! Flowers fall usually. Some like them, however. Woman is the magic and there is fragrance in moonlight. Beetle hovers over fragrance and seeks juices. Whosoever opens it and shares the same to make warm to someone)

Chanesar, in spite of the whims of whine and stress, abhors the move by an alien person. However, he himself brought the Sultanate army to get power for him. Although he senses the falling of flowers, yet likes fragrance of flowers and calls woman the magic. He feels fragrance in moonlit night surrealistically. Beetles are attracted towards flowers because of their love for fragrance and the juices of flowers. He calls a woman as musk whose scent is the inspiration for all. He looks towards Salar Khan and says:

هي جو منهنجو ڪاج به آهي

تخت به آهي تاج به آهي

هٿ به آهي، هٿيار به آهي

۽ ويريءَ تي وار به آهي

تنهن کان توکي آئون ڇُپايان ٿو

اهڙو  آئون اياڻو ناهيان

کپ کني کان گهٻرائين ٿي

وڃ وڃ ، ڇا لئه شرمائين ٿي

(This is my activity as well as crown and coronation. It is my hand and arm and hits hard to my enemy. I am hiding it from you as you hesitate from the dagger. Go – go why you are you hesitating?)

At the point Chanesar senses an ownership in his thoughts and expresses about the enemy and arms. A power stricken ambitious person feels himself a man of wisdom. He pushes Chholi towards Salara Khan and she avoids from it. In that tug of war, the shirt of Chholi has been torn out. The curtain falls and the next scene begins. Baghi and Dodo start talking with each other. Their dialogue is full of the fragrance of soil of motherland. After that the fight starts between both the troops. A ferocious battle swallows many people and Soomra troops lose the ground. There are dead bodies everywhere. Chanesar comes to the dead bodies spread on the ground and stands beside the body of Dodo and says:

جرڦوٽي جي ڦونڊ اجائي

دودا تو تو ڇو جان گنوائي

هر ماڻهوءَ جي هاڪ به مٽي

هن ڌرتيءَ تي ڌاڪ به مٽي

آڻ مڃين ها، عيش ڪرين ها

هيئن جواني ۾ نه مرين ها

(Proud of the water bubble is useless. Why you lost yourself O Doda. Motherland is everyone’s pride and pomp too. If you did surrender, you would have to live a luxurious life and never taste such a tragic death in days of youth)

Chanesar thinks the refusal by Dodo as the pride by a bubble of water. He questions him about life. Chanesar regards the earth as pride and pomp for men. He suggests Dodo to surrender before the Sultanate army for having a luxurious life. All the power hungry people feel solace in luxury. A luxurious life takes man to many a shackle of slavery. The shackles make some people addicted and make lazy and cowardice. Such shackles of slavery are never removed till generations.

Chholi - Chanesar- Soomro- PinterestChanesar is the only character in the opera that is full of contradictions. He thinks everything as a temporary phenomenon. He thinks that death is inevitable and is of view that the man is being trumpeting about death like an instrument of music. He regards saints and sinners equally in such a contradictory situation. Chanesar is a materialist character who thinks this world as ‘everything.’ He is fond of the fragrance and juice of flowers and of women. Such a great indulgence in luxury ruins the people of power corridors. Fond of wine and women, Chanesar desires to live a luxurious life. He thinks there is no reward other than life. Therefore, he avoids sacrifice for motherland. On one hand, there are wine and women and there is battle on the other hand. He is stepped down in the ground to end up Soomra rule. He enjoys wine and women during the war time. He uses the women for his power motives. Even the so called modern world keeps heavy hand on women. From the high level intelligence to the sensitive security, women are used as fuel in the furnace of power as the women are vast hearted, open minded and steadfast. The characteristics may not find in men despite the advertisements.

Chanesar offers his sister Baghi to Allauddin Khilji against his help and pushes Chholi towards Salar Khan during the battle. Chholi avoids it as she does not have greed for power. The hunger for power pushes away from the motherland and motivates to sell out the children. It also pushes towards aliens with a begging bowl in hand. Look after and care of the motherland is a natural stimulus among human beings. It is beyond to any consideration relating to power. The humble and caring attitude of human being offers the guaranty for sustainability of human being and natural phenomena.


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Noor Ahmed Janjhi- Sindh CourierNoor Ahmed Janjhi is a senior educationist based in Desert District Tharparkar Sindh. He is author of several books in Sindhi and English language on folk literature including two poetry books.



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