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Pakistan: Only 10% People donate blood voluntarily

Pakistan: Only 10% People donate blood voluntarily
Sindh Chief Minister Murad Shah launches blood donation movement

Indus Hospital & Health Network launches ‘Indus Zindagi’, a national movement, aimed at promoting voluntary blood donations across Pakistan

Karachi, Sindh

Pakistan has population of around 240 million, however only about 10 per cent of blood donations come from volunteers. This shortage of readily available blood leads to numerous lives lost every year, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah says.

He was speaking at the launch of ‘Indus Zindagi’, a national movement aimed at promoting voluntary blood donations across Pakistan on Sunday July 7, 2024 at a local hotel. The event was hosted by the Indus Hospital & Health Network. The principal donors of the Blood Center Farhan Hanif and Mrs. Shaista Farhan Hanif of Crown Group attended the event to support the initiative.

Indus-Blood-Sindh-Courier-1Murad Shah stated that Indus Zindagi was not just a campaign but a collective call to action for the people of Pakistan. He stressed the importance of uniting for the shared goal of ensuring that every Pakistani in need has access to life-saving blood through voluntary donations.

The CM praised the National Video Competition as a significant start to this movement, as it encourages creative individuals to showcase the importance of voluntary blood donation.

The chief minister urged the transformation of the country’s blood donation system from replacement donations to voluntary contributions, emphasizing that each individual has the power to save lives. By donating blood voluntarily, safe blood can be made available for those in need, anytime and anywhere.

‘Indus Zindagi’ began with a National Video Competition, urging creative minds to craft videos, photos, or animations highlighting blood scarcity or encouraging voluntary donations. The competition received an overwhelming response, with submissions evaluated by a panel of media experts. Winners were announced during the campaign’s inaugural event, held to commemorate the World Blood Donor Day. Winners received exciting prizes, such as the newest iPhone model, cash awards, and other exciting gifts.

Indus-Blood-Sindh-Courier-2Abdul Karim Paracha, Chairman, Board of Directors and Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, President, Indus Hospital & Health Network, welcomed the guests. Dr. Saba Jamal, Senior Director of Blood Transfusion Services Directorate at IHHN, introduced “Indus Zindagi” stating, “Indus Zindagi is more than just a campaign—it’s a national movement that challenges the status quo of replacement donations in the country,” she said. “With this initiative, we unite Pakistanis to donate blood voluntarily, ensuring availability of safe blood every time and everywhere. Throughout the year, activities will be arranged across Pakistan to engage and inspire the nation to donate blood voluntarily and become regular donors.

The goal is to gain momentum till 100% voluntary blood donations across Pakistan has been achieved.”

The event featured a panel discussion titled “Change Makers Unite: Leading Pakistan’s Voluntary Blood Donation Movement,” which brought together leading medical professionals from blood centers & notable healthcare institutions across Sindh and Punjab, focusing on the future strategies to enhance voluntary blood donation in the country. This was followed by the announcement and screening of the National Video Competition winners.

Prof. Syed Zafar Zaidi, Chief Executive Officer, IHHN, concluded the event and said Indus Zindagi urges every Pakistani to inspire others by donating blood, fostering a lifesaving culture of voluntary blood donation. (PR)

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