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Short list for the XX Kazan International Film Festival announced

Short list for the XX Kazan International Film Festival announced

The official selection of the forum, taking place in the capital of Tatarstan from September 6 to 11, includes 50 films.

Ashraf Aboul-Yazid, Cairo

It is almost two months left, to celebrate the inauguration of the XX Kazan International Film Festival – ‘Altyn Minbar’.  The official selection of the forum, which will take place in the capital of Tatarstan from September 6 to 11, includes 50 films.

I still remember being a jury member, of the Golden Minbar festival five years ago, when Kazan, the capital city of Tatarstan Republic becomes the paradise destination of film, where cultures meet and have their dialogue together.

According to the regulations, those willing to submit their film had to officially inform the directorate no later than June 1st. The organizational committee received 814 applications from 47 countries in total.

The official selection includes 50 films from 27 countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Türkiye, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, China, Switzerland, Malaysia, Cuba, Egypt, Iraq, the Sultanate of Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Al-Ahsa, Islamic Republic of Mauritania, and Argentina.

There are 10 films in each nomination: “Feature films,” “Short feature films,” “Documentary films,” and “Animated films.”. Also, there are 10 films in the national competition, which includes films produced in Tatarstan and those about Tatarstan.

Kazan Film Festival-1For the third year, the selection committee has been headed by Nina Kochelyaeva, the Director of the New Institute of Cultural Studies, candidate of historical sciences, leading scientific fellow, Head of the Department of Development and Assessment of Film Education Techniques at VGIK, expert of the scientific and educational center “Civil Society” and social communications” of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, and laureate of the Russian Government award in the field of education (2021).

Traditionally, the selection committee is joined by Timur Shaikhullin, the Doctor of Philology, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Philology and Country Studies of the Russian Islamic Institute; Svetlana Slapke, Doctor of Philosophy and Arts, film critic, author of articles and publications about culture and cinema of Central Asia; Türkiye, CEO of “Eurasia Global Connecting Agency”; and Rushan Abbyasov deputy chairman and head of staff of the Muftis Council of Russia, chairman of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the Moscow region.

The official selection includes Russian and foreign films reflecting universal human and moral values and cultural traditions conveying the ideas of peacemaking, tolerance, and humanism.

Kazan International Film Festival “Altyn Minbar” differs by the fact that annually the directorate receives a huge number of applications from all over the world. The international competition and “Russia – Islamic world” program include participants from 30 countries. This year is marked by interesting co-production projects. For instance, there is a short feature film, “The Summer End Poem,” made by cinematographers from China, Switzerland, and Malaysia.

The documentary film “Cubarouis” is a co-production between Morocco and Cuba. According to the head of the selection committee, Nina Kochelyaeva, the festival follows not only regional diversity but also embraces new countries, which marks the global tendencies of the forum.

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Also, Nina Kochelyaeva points out that, within recent years, they managed to develop the most effective style of cooperation between all selection committee members. “Working with Svetlana Slapke and Timur Shaikhullin, we get along better from year to year. If earlier we used to dispute a lot, defending our preferences, now we have well-coordinated cooperation. As the head of the selection committee, I do my best to consider the tastes and opinions of my colleagues. We always try to find appropriate options that will make the “Altyn Minbar program” diverse and interesting,” she says.

Among the main tendencies of films presented in the program, Nina Kochelyaeva points out the following: “Mostly these are family films which support and form traditional values, films that make human relationships the cornerstone. Even if there are films not directly connected to Muslim issues, they respond to ethical and moral norms,” she says. The keystone principle of the selection committee’s work is the quality of films, and the official selection should confirm it. Films should relate to the high-quality parameters, be vivid, and be noticeable. Of course, there should be no issues related to the prohibited practices in Islam.”

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According to the head of the selection committee, this year, the preference was given to films transmitting the act of man in different occasions: “The topic of human needs and abilities as well as personal conflict in case of choice which is the most spread one in the official selection. In films “Bauyryna Salu” (Kazakhstan) and “Fouroulou” (Algerie) the main characters are children who found themselves in tough circumstances. It was crucial for us to make sections attractive to the audience. Cinematography should provide “vitamins for the soul” and enjoyment by qualitative film”.

To see the short list of the Kazan International Film Festival “Altyn Minbar” click here:



Ashraf Aboul-YazidAshraf Aboul-Yazid is a renowned Egyptian poet, journalist, novelist, travelogue writer and translator. He is author of around three dozen books and Editor-in-Chief of Silk Road Literature Series.



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