Homage to Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the Champion of Democracy

Bhutto’s execution has been described as Judicial Murder. He was a political leader of high caliber and a great statesman…

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What really happened to Jinnah’s Pakistan…?

The truth is, at no point did the All-India Muslim League or its president Muhammad Ali Jinnah invoke Medina or…

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5th July 1977: The Black Day, when a democratic govt. of Z. A. Bhutto was ambushed

Before the coup, unrest and political conflict between right-wing Pakistan National Alliance and the PPP government was instigated under a…

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Pakistan’s Black Day

The empirical evidence on ground does not fully support coup-makers’ claim that the situation was so terribly bad or that…

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The Baloch and Pashtun nationalist movements in Pakistan – III

A new generation of Baloch leaders emerged who were influenced by Marxist guerrilla movements in other parts of the world.…

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