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The World of Paradox!

The World of Paradox!

We were in illusion that it’s knowledge that’s power but reality lies in paradox: power lies in power. Beyond power there is nothing. It’s power which decides and disintegrates everything, not the knowledge.

By Shoukat Lohar

We are continuously tormented by the enemy who we know not. We are enchained without handcuffed.

We are succumbed to the pseudo freedom. We are colonized not only for prescribed time but once for all. The more we buy the apparatus of freedom, the more encaged we be.

We think, the ancient people were living very hard life. As to meet both ends meet was an ordeal for them, what’s with us right now? Is it easy to buy a single morsel? It has been made unpurchaseable by the power centered people.

We were in illusion that it’s knowledge that’s power but reality lies in paradox: power lies in power. Beyond power there is nothing. It’s power which decides and disintegrates everything, not the knowledge.

Life has been made very difficult and unlivable by the power hungry slots!

We think that by getting a degree in certain courses we become bachelor, master or doctors but have we not seen the power of power to bend that pseudo heaps of degrees, the way it preferred, the way it liked.

In the time of paradox the emancipation of human being is unthinkable.

We are trapped, trapped in the very irresistible cobweb!

We laughed, we ridiculed how human being lived a cave life but think for a while: are we not ridiculed, laughed at? Are we not living in the digital caves. Where there is no one to reply, no one to come. Only narcissism is pervaded where ever we see people.

Heads are down, thoroughly un-empowered, thoroughly dependent and thoroughly vulnerable.

In the world glass everything everywhere has been fragile, blood relations, social relations, all along squeezed in the word of networking. What’s this!? Is this freedom, is this liberty when we are more imprisoned than that of cave life. We think we are free; we are 24/7 under acute surveillance.

What we need to eat, drink, take medicines, sleep, walk, talk everything is monitored! We live in the boxes of desires! We are digitally enslaved. We are destitute from our own wish.

We depend upon the corporate mongers to decide our fate!  Our fate has been made as plaything in the hands of merchants of power!

There is sale of our feelings, our emotions; our tears are being kept on auctions!

We are unprecedentedly being thrown in the garbage of signs and symbols.

Economy is based on spending billions to persuade people that happiness is buying things, and then insisting that the only way to have a viable economy is to make things for people to buy so they’ll have jobs and get enough money to buy things.

Philip Slater maintains.

Hunger is marching fast to giggle all of us. We are in illusions that impoverished are assisted by world organizations.

We must forget the communities we do not meet face to face now.  We meet in race.

We are in competition. We have rejuvenated the deadened customs and clusters of making us superior to others.

Education has been dwarfed merely to ostentatious outfit.  No any benefit of education to cripple the unfathomed gap of illiteracy. The real education is snatched, hijacked somewhere.  Critical thinking, criticism, history, philosophy and politics are dumped aside. The essence of learning has died long ago.

Education infused discrimination amongst us.  We hate each other being so called literate!

The ill-educated battery of our society has ruined the whole strata we have. Unborn is better than uneducated, uneducated is far better than ill-educated.

Deweaponizing of the world is only possible unless we leave this education – the education which creates only hatred.

As Aristotle stated “The roots of education are bitter the end is very sweet.” but we start from the end!

There are thousands of books, thousands of libraries but no reader! In the name of education we give our generation a babysitter.

Language, attire, riches forms your identity not the Scholarship. As according to Rumi “ the scholar is he who does not visit to prince and the prince is he who visits the scholars “  we witness the difference : ruler assault scholars,  scholars usually win bread and butter only by pseudo lip service in the highness of the rulers!

Investment in Knowledge pays, as the best uttered by Benjamin Franklin, but it’s actually investment to get power. More power, more knowledge.

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power – Benito Mussolini” speechless at this point.

Banks and tanks are in grounds to press the human residual.  Insurance companies are more active than police. Criminals are coroneted, the genociders are garlanded. Ability and eligibility is only for those who believe in it, this is not for the power mongers.

Date and deal is progressing: we are told that we will get released by buying this or that but honestly you make your life more miserable even before.

Humanity is lost somewhere. The Old Testament and red, blue pink books have become abrogated and obsolete.

The jaws are sharpened to pierce in the mild meat of innocent victim.  To any escape it’s the world to kill and to be killed!

The reality show is not reality it’s only paradox!  We live in the world of paradoxes.


Shoukat Lohar-Sindh CourierShoukat Lohar is Assistant professor in English at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro Sindh. He can be accessed at Shoukat.ali@faculty.muet.edu.pk