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Thought of Poet – A Poem from the Indus Valley

Thought of Poet – A Poem from the Indus Valley
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Allahobhayo Dal

AllahObhayoDal- SindhCourierHailing from Khipro town, District Sanghar, Sindh, Pakistan, Allah Obhayo Dal has done Masters in sociology from University of Sindh and currently is doing a government job in Karachi. Around 100 of his poems have been published online.



Thought of Poet    

Spring comes with stunning colors, around us,

The bouquet touches our nostrils, 

Our souls mesmerized

The green wide buds unfold and bloom,

The meadow is greener and brighter,

Shepherds with white sheep,

Along with a dog, carrying a little lamb.

On the lap

With rusted teeth and pinky lips, 

Adorable smiles on their faces

A beautiful view of the river makes an awesome scene,

The chirping of beautiful birds, 

With white long shanks

A sharp beak, waiting for a fish,

A silverfish floats deep, 

The river is decorated with water lilies,

Water drops roll over the leaves, 

My pen and paper, capture the natural beauty 

I can keep it with me forever.



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