Home News 2nd death anniversary of slain journalist Ajay Lalwani observed

2nd death anniversary of slain journalist Ajay Lalwani observed

2nd death anniversary of slain journalist Ajay Lalwani observed

Ajay Lalwani’s father Dilip Kumar says he wants to see the killers of his son hanged; speakers at the anniversary program vow to continue struggle for justice

From Correspondent

Sukkur, Sindh

While paying rich tributes to the slain journalist Ajay Lalwani on his 2nd death anniversary on Sunday March 19, 2023, the speakers requested the apex courts to order arrest of the killers who, despite nominated in the FIR, were still roaming free.

The 2nd death anniversary of journalist Ajay Lalwani was observed in National Press Club Sukkur and the journalists and civil society representatives expressed concern over restrictions on freedom of expression in Sindh.

Journalist Ajay Lalwani was killed in Salehpat area of Sukkur district two years ago.

Ajay-Anniversary-Sindh-Courier-1Speakers lamented that the so-called journalist leaders were dancing and singing and enjoying picnic when Ajay Lalwani was murdered. “We have never seen such a shameful situation of journalism as instead of raising voice against the murder of Ajay Lalwani, the so-called journalist leaders celebrated enjoyed picnic and dance parties,” they said.

They alleged that that reporting against corruption is being prevented, and reporters were being appointed and removed at the request of SPs and DCs. “We will not allow journalists to be crushed in the fight of gangsters and miscreants.”

Ajay-Anniversary-Sindh-Courier-2The speakers said that former Town Chairman Inayat Shah, Vice Chairman Ehsan Shah and former SHO Ashiq Mirani, who were nominated in the murder of Journalist Ajay Lalwani have not been arrested even for a day.

After the rising pressure, the killers of Ajay Lalwani kidnapped Naresh Kumar, the main witness of the murder case and killed him by crushing under a truck and painted it as an accident, the speakers alleged.

The speakers said that the people of Sindh will have to stand as a leaden wall like Ajay’s father Dilip Kumar against cruelty and brutality. They vowed that Journalists will fight and struggle till justice to Ajay Lalwani.

The speakers said that the whole society was a ‘merchant of blood’. “If all the oppressed people stand up against oppression like the family of Ajay Lalwani, the dark night of oppression will end.”

Ajay-Anniversary-Sindh-Courier-3They said that the worst dictatorship has been imposed in Sindh for decades, freedom of expression has been snatched, and false cases are being made against journalists and political workers who write against injustice and oppression.

“We have to support the truth, otherwise we will be killed one by one. The seekers of truth must come together,” they said.

Quoting the international reports, the speakers said that Pakistan has become a dangerous country for journalists.

Ajay-Anniversary-Sindh-Courier-4Those who spoke at the anniversary, include Sindh Sahafi Ittehad chief Naimat Khuhro, President of Sukkur National Press Club Imdad Phulpoto, Sukkur Union of Journalists Secretary General Sahil Jogi, President of Shikarpur Journalists alliance, Sultan Rind, Taj Rind of Sindh Sahafi Ittehad, Mukesh Ropeta of Jacobabad Union of Journalists, Muslim League (N) leaders Ali Sher Mahar and Khurshid Mirani, Advocate Qurban Shar, human rights activist Zubaida Ghanghro, Tahreek-e-Insaf Women’s Wing Sukkur Division President Safia Baloch, Barrister Arslan Islam Sheikh, former mayor of Sukkur, Javed Memon, president of Sukkur Small Traders, advocate Shafiq Babar Laghari, journalists Lala Qadir Bhutto, Allahwarayo Buzdar, M Zafar Taggar, Younis Rajpar, Sharif Abro, Shakeel Wasir, Asad Bughio, Sohail Joyo, Nisar Chanjan, Nadeem Buzdar, Tahir Jan Bhutto, JUI leader Qari Liaquat Mughal, Social activist Agha Tahir Mughal, STP worker Noomi Sindhi, OGDCL leader Qamar Zaman and others.

Ajay Lalwani’s father Dilip Kumar also spoke and said that he want to see his son’s killers hanged. Ajay’s innocent son Hamish Kumar said that he curses his father’s killers, and appealed to the Chief Justice of Supreme Court and the Chief Justice Sindh High Court to take notice of the murder of his father and provide Justice.



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