Anti-encroachment drive continues in Hyderabad- Sindh Courier-1

Anti-encroachment drive continues in Hyderabad


Anti-encroachment drive continues in Hyderabad- Sindh Courier-1Several encroachments removed in Qasimabad and City areas

Hyderabad: Following the court orders, the Hyderabad administration continued its ongoing anti-encroachment drive in Qasimabad and other city areas on Wednesday.

The anti-encroachment teams, led by Assistant Commissioners Gada Hussain Soomro of Qasimabad Taluka and Abu Bakar Sadhayo of City Taluka, and supported by the local police, removed a number of encroachments from both sides of the roads.

Anti-encroachment drive continues in Hyderabad- Sindh Courier-2Anti-encroachment drive continues in Hyderabad- Sindh Courier-3The operation was carried out in Alamdar Chowk area of Qasimabad and the Chhotki Ghiti (street) of City Taluka. The teams used heavy machinery to demolish structures and other encroachments including the sheds outside the shops and cabins etc.

Speaking on this occasion, both the officials said that Deputy Commissioner Hyderabad Mr. Fuad Ghaffar Soomro wants to ensure strict compliance of the court orders and has issued directives in this regard. They advised the shopkeepers and other encroachers to remove the encroachments voluntarily to avoid losses or otherwise the administration would use heavy machinery to get the areas cleared, as by occupying the space on roadsides have created congestion making the vehicular traffic and pedestrians difficult to pass.

Watch video of anti-encroachment operation