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Blooming Lotus Flower – A Poem from Korea

Blooming Lotus Flower – A Poem from Korea
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Kang Byeong-Cheol

Byeong-Cheol-Korea-PoetKang Byeong-Cheol is a Korean author and poet. Born in Jeju city of South Korea in 1964, he started writing in 1993, publishing his first short story, “Song of Shuba” at the age of twenty-nine. He published a collection of short stories in 2005. He won 4 literature awards and published more than 8 books. He was a member of The Writers in Prison Committee (WiPC) of PEN International (2009-2014). He was an editorial writer of NewJejuIlbo, which is a News Paper in Jeju City, Korea. He is a PhD in Political Science and Research Executive of The Korean Institute for Peace and Cooperation.

Blooming Lotus Flower

Once upon a time, a wise man said

Be happy,

Feel comfortable,

Learn how to calm yourself down

Keep the peace of mind

Fame and medals mean nothing,

Everything disappears as dust in the wind

When the humanity in you is gone,

You will lose a precious jewel

As a youngster you have no respect for the laws of nature

Everything is in a state of flux

Everything is getting old

You don’t listen to wise man

When you’re engaging in meaningless conversation

Know that you’re competing where you don’t belong

You can make right the wrong

Follow the written and unwritten rules…

Breathing deeply and slowly

Be happy

Be comfortable

Keep the peace

There is greatness there,

Enjoy the joy of life with wisdom

Jewel in the lotus flower,

Shine brightly from you, me and us

Life goes on, and the power of mercy is mighty…

May people be welcomed by people!

Lotus Flower hopes to ripe fruits,

For Peace, Human Rights, gender equality, Justice and freedom,

Alleviation of poverty and hunger,

Education, and Environmental sustainability.



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