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Contemporary World Literature: Gold Heaven – A Poem from China

Gold Heaven is a poem by Yuan Hongri, the Mystic Poet and Philosopher of China

Yuan Hongri (born 1962) is a renowned Chinese mystic poet, and philosopher. His work has been published in the UK, USA, India, New Zealand, Canada, and Nigeria.

Contemporary-World-Literature-China-Yuan Hongri- SindhCourierHis poems have appeared in Poet’s Espresso Review, Orbis, Tipton Poetry Journal, Harbinger Asylum, The Stray Branch, Acumen, Pinyon Review, Taj Mahal Review, Madswirl, Shot Glass Journal, Amethyst Review, The Poetry Village, and other e-zines, anthologies, and journals. His best known works are Platinum City and Golden Giant. His works explore themes of prehistoric and future civilization.

Gold Heaven

By Mystic Poet Yuan Hongri

Translated by Yuanbing Zhang


The golden sidestep of the days, ah!

Arranged golden ladders years

A mirror

Let me saw

Countless smiles of time

The long corridors of gold

Leading to countless crystal space-times

On golden gates

Carved with the rounds of

Golden sun

I walked into the rounds of

The mirror of the sun

And saw the palaces of gold.

The big birds of gold feathers, ah!

Singing the prehistoric stories to me

I’m the giant in the sun, ah!

I am the golden sun.

Countless centuries ago

I flew in the crystal universe.

To date the magnificent gold palaces

Still waiting for me in the sun

To date the golden sun

Singing in the universe!


I am the king of the sun, ah!

The dragon and phoenix are my mounts.

The wheel of the golden sun

It’s all my hometown!


The countless golden suns

Laughing at me in the universe

The huge dragons and phoenixes

Flying in the crystal space!


The golden rivers, ah!

Flying down from the sky

And turned into

The new golden seas of time!


I saw the huge castles, ah!

Standing above the ocean

In the sky with red clouds wafting

Sparkle the colorful lights!


The cities of crystal, ah!

Like the lofty mountains in the sky.

The aerial gardens, ah!

Like the colorful clouds floating in the sky!


I was riding on a golden dragon, ah!

Flew to the golden space,

Turned into the golden lights, ah!

And flew into the wheels of the sun!


The golden flames of the sun

Like a huge and beautiful wreath.

The sacred temples

Smiling and opening to me.


I saw the giants, ah!

Lived happily in the sun

Their sweet smiles, ah!

Like a beautiful garden.


Their great art, ah!

Sparkle the divine joy.

The magnificent palaces of gold, ah!

Were exactly their masterpiece!


The flowers of the jewels and gold, ah!

Were in full bloom in the gardens of the sun

The pavilions and towers of crystal, ah!

Sparkle the strange light.


The lines of words of jewels

Encased in the walls of gold

The huge statues

Smiling to you gladly!


The massive painting that engraved by gold

Hung in the center of the main hall

Inlaid with gems

Like the cities of gold.


The huge dragon and phoenix

Singing joyfully in the sky,

Like the pieces of mysterious movement

Made me to forget the time suddenly!


Every giant sun

Was the kingdom of Gold!

The countless holy giants

Lived their miraculous lives!


They had neither night

Nor years of the world

Ten million years of mankind

Seemed to be their one day!


They had no worry

Sparkling the light all over their bodies,

Like the rounds of sun

Smiled gladly all the time!


Their divine wisdom

Could change the universe,

Let every star in the sky

To turn into the beautiful home!


Countless hundreds of millions of years ago

They created humans.

Even the little earth

Was also their works!


With their own spirits

They created the universes.

The countless shining stars

Like their words.


In that distant space

They were engaged in creation.

The whole change of mankind

Has already existed in their eyes!


They were the ancestors of mankind

And were filled with affections to mankind,

And all the wisdom of mankind

Had come from their transmission!


Many centuries ago

They have come to the world,

Created the sacred civilizations

And the cities of gold!


Their offspring from generation to generation

Lived and reproduced on the earth,

Experienced numerous changes

To have human today!


Those ancient civilizations

Are still shining in space

All the past time

Are all in another space!


The prehistoric civilization of mankind

Will come fortunately again to the world,

As if the underground seeds

Sprout and bloom on the ground.


The countless great arts

Will be brilliant youth!

That miraculous science and civilizations

Will illuminate the new history!


The old earth, ah!

And will be young again.

The flames of his heart, ah!

Will make himself transparent.


The countless sleeping time, ah!

Will wake up from the stone

The bright and holy lights

Will turn into the springs!


Those holy giants, ah!

Will go out of the sun,

With the wisdom of those lights

Illuminating the time-space of mankind!


The golden halls will appear

In the transparent oceans,

Like the giant ships

Towards the coast of mankind!


In the silent mountains

Will ring out the joyful songs,

The fragrant rivers

Will flow into the paradises of mankind!


I opened the doors, ah!

And saw the space-times,

The great civilizations, ah!

Laughing before my eyes!


The countless eras of light

Are coming up to us

The cities of crystal

Blooming in the new time-spaces!


The great flowers of civilization

Blossoming in the seas of time-space

The rounds of the golden sun

Are also laughing and singing in space.


The countless cities of gold

Blinking towards me in the sun,

Spilt the gay singing

Like the colorful flowers.


I saw that heaven and earth

Filled with laughter everywhere,

Those giant planets

Also turned into human homes!



I opened one door after another

And flew into a sun after another

The sacred golden civilization, ah!

Like an endless long corridor of time.


Those giants of the sun, ah!

Working on the sacred creation

Let the gold of time

To turn into the countless paradises


Their holy spirits, ah!

Illuminated the space-times,

And created the magic sciences

And that holy arts!


I heard the rounds of the sun, ah!

Singing to me in space,

As if there were countless suns

Sending out the golden lights!


I entered the universes

And opened the time-spaces

Every crystal space, ah!

There were also the rounds of the sun.


The stars of time, ah!

Shining in the space of crystal

Turned into the bright lights

And agglomerated into the sea of the universe!


All the wisdom of the world

Came from the deep space

The seas of time, ah!

Were pregnant with the countless suns!


All the future of mankind

Were enshrined in the sun

The future pictures of the mankind

Will shine the joyful lights!


Every wanderer of the world

Are all the descendants of the sun

The countless centuries ago, ah!

Were all the golden giants!


Opening the picture books of the time, ah!

The mankind had been incomparable tall.

The Himalayas, ah!

Was just a little giant


Before the birth of the earth

Mankind has already existed.

The countless stars of the universe

Had all been the human homes!


The changes of mankind, ah!

Created the different civilizations

The great space, ah!

Determined the course of the world!


The future of mankind has been arranged

In the golden palace of the sun,

As if the huge pictures

Were enshrined in the rolls of golden book!


The golden books of the sun

Shone the words of gold,

The lines of mysterious words, ah

Gestated the future civilization!


All kinds of issues of human creation, ah

Came from the revelation of the sun

Only the Holy Spirit

Could understand the words of the sun!


The giants of the sun, ah!

Were the masters of the sun

The rounds of the great suns

Were the lights of their hearts!


They were the ancestors of mankind, ah!

They were the earliest human.

In the sun, ah!

Watching their descendants!


I heard their singings

Calling me days and nights

That sweet and moving singing, ah!

Were the cups of beautiful wine!


I saw the lines of words, ah!

Shining in the palace of the sun

Their divine wisdom

Gave me the limitless comforts!


In the layers of the heavens

They were concomitant with me.

Watching me on the earth

To create the new poems!


Their holy lights

Shining in my eyes

Turned into the lines of words

And wrote the new poems!


Their divine wisdom

Perpetuated in these poems

The bright future of mankind

Turned into the pictures


I opened the rolls of golden book, ah!

Were full of my name

It’s above that sun,, ah!

Have already had my volumes of poetry


I don’t know if it’s today

Write down these words

Or hundreds of millions of years ago

Had already written them!


I don’t know if I am today, ah!

Or in the distant future

Maybe those golden books, ah!

Were enshrined in the future golden hall.


The time of miraculous change, ah!

You incarnated into everything.

The mysterious and distant prehistory

Is maybe the human future!


The leisurely change of the universe, ah!

Is maybe the phantom of the mirror

That bright mirror, ah!

Is exactly the divine eternity!


Time and time, ah!

Is maybe just you and me

When we disappear

Everything will be vanished without a trace.




I saw the lines of words

Shining in the palace of the sun,

Incarnated into the golden lights

And flew into my chest!


I was infinitely joyful in my heart, ah!

And saw the picture scrolls.

The completely new paradises, ah!

Smiling on the ground of the world!


The transparent and flashing earth, ah!

Like a charming girl,

The colorful gardens, ah!

Were her gorgeous dress!


The clear rivers, ah!

The green mountains of Jadite

The blue eyes of the sea, ah!

Shining the charming glow!


The sky was glittering and translucent as the gem.

The soft white clouds,

The cities of light

Appeared the beautiful smiling face!


I opened the picture books of time

And saw the giants.

They were flying in the air, ah

Rode in a huge spaceship!


The shining planets, ah

Took their greetings to them with smiles

In the vastness of space

They set up the homes


Their magical eyes, ah!

Twinkled with the surprising wisdom

Each of them was the mountainous figure and athletic

Revealed the extraordinary temperament!


Their quiet eyes

It seemed to have insight into the future.

Everyone was chivalrous, ah!

And filled with holy love!


I looked at the picture scrolls, ah!

As if I had felled asleep

Also as if to return to the past

The time of hundreds of millions of years ago!


The golden discs of time, ah!

You spine the wonderful music

All the future of mankind, ah!

Were stored worshipfully in your chest!


The new giants will appear

In the changing space leisurely

Let the holy civilization, ah!

To bloom again in the space!


The gates of crystal

Leading to different time-space

Every space of light, ah!

Have the rounds of the sun.


The sacred fires of the sun, ah!

Will turn into the gold of the time,

And built the palaces of civilization

In the future centuries!


The flowers of science and art, ah!

Will blossom in the gardens of the world

The lights of the holy civilization

Will be turned into a completely new sun!


The huge flowers of the universe

Will be the human homes

That stars of the time

Will be turned into sweet wine!


About the Translator

Yuanbing Zhang- China- Sindh CourierYuanbing Zhang (b. 1974), is Mr. Yuan Hongri’s assistant and translator. He is a Chinese poet and translator, works in a Middle School, Yanzhou District, Jining City, Shandong Province, China. He can be contacted through his email-









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