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Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Italy

Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Italy
Title of Poetry Book of Antonia
Contemporary World Literature - Poetry from Italy - Antonia Petrone - Book Title- Sindh Courier
Title of Poetry Book of Antonia

Contemporary World Literature Poetry from Italy

Five Poems by Antonia Petrone

Antonia Petrone, an American Italian poetess writes with pen name Tonia Poetry. Her country of origin is Yonkers New York – USA- Currently living in Italy. She speaks and writes in English and Italian.

Antonia was born and lived in Yonkers, New York till 1979, when she moved to Italy with her family to start anew. Learning a new language and living in a new cultural environment was not easy at 14.

Contemporary World Literature - Poetry from Italy - Antonia Petrone- Sindh Courier“Italy is an extremely beautiful country and I fell in love with it. I started writing poems from a young age in English and for a long period I never published my works. I loved to read Emily Dickinson and her great love for nature. I treasured Walt Whitman and his love for his mother country, America, my own,” she says.

“Then in Italy I began to read and to love poets like Giacomo Leopardi, learning my first Italian poem by heart, “L’infinito”, probably my favorite. As well as Cesare Pavese, so nostalgic like me,” she told Sindh Courier.

“I began writing poems in Italian as well and in 2015, I decided to participate in a Poetry Contest with a poem I had written for my father, who passed away in 2012, called “Tu e il Mare” (You and the Sea).  We both loved the see and I loved him so.”

She published in a couple of Poetry editions with other poets in Italian. With Pagine in Rome: Tracce (2015), Voci Versate (2018) e M’illumino d’immenso (2019). In March 2020 she published my first Kindle collection: Poetry Corner di Antonia Petrone. In December, “Le Poesie di Antonia” her first collection of all her poems till date in Italian with pictures.

“I am now finally preparing for publication in English: “Antonia’s Poetry Garden” a collection of other poems thought and written in English till date that will also contain many of my Italian poems translated in English,” she said.

Antonia organizes events of Poetry and Art in her home town, Rivoli. She is a Literary Judge for UWPP (Unity World Peace Poets) and also works in Italy as a Translator and Interpreter. She also translates books from Italian to English.

Having a very nice voice in English, Antonia also recites poetry in Italy and at times post these on YouTube and Facebook.

She wants reaching out to this wonderful world of poetry more and more.

Antonia Petrone can be accessed at E-Mail: antoniap.elt@gmail.com

Website: http://autori.poetipoesia.com/antonia-petrone/

Here are five of her poems that are part of her collection.

Champagne love

All of a sudden

You have that special

Someone in your mind,

Your heart is already full

And feels a blissful joy

The mind is unaware,

But the heart safely preserves.

At the very moment

The mind realizes

What the heart is feeling

It sneaks behind and eyes,

Till the heart overflows

Like a champagne flute.

Only then the mind

Can reveal its delight

And toast with the heart.

Beauty in the wild

Breathe pure nature in the wild

Touch the warmth of the earth

Listen carefully to the birds chanting

Taste the sweetness once ripe

Draw a picture in your mind

Set your colors free, let go

Dream till you see it all flourish

Bloom and let the beauty out

Yellow Rose

Shall I admire you from afar?

Shall I not bleed from your thorns?

Nor be caressed by your soft petals?

Only to capture your beauty while you grow

Tall and slender in the midst of nature

Shall I not touch you to not suffer?

The pains of watching you wither and fall

Yes, I shall let you be, so you can cast

Your bright and true colors upon me

A delight for the eyes to see

Venice the Queen

Still high you stand

Queen of the sea

Dominating princess

Of thy waters


When your moist is calm

You let us taste your beauty,

Your sublime and pure love

When pain moves within you

Your spirit goes wild,

Overflowing lust

Contemporary World Literature - Poetry from Italy - Antonia Petrone- Sindh Courier-1Great medieval mistress

You became refuge for lovers

That beseeched your company.

Many times

You defended your body

From those trying

To conquer your beauty,

And put you to your knees.

And now you stand

On your rightful throne,

Surrounded by the lovers

And artists of the world

Those only want to touch you

Depict you and love you.



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