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Contemporary World Literature - ItalyContemporary World Literature: Poetry from Italy

A Poem by Stefania Miola

Stefania Miola is an eminent Italian poetess who lives in a small town on the outskirts of Turin. Since 2015, three books of Stefania have been published – “One sky the only true one”, “Violets in the Desert” and “The scent of the white rabbit”.

Contemporary World Literature - Italy - Stefania MiolaThese books were presented at the Turin International Book Fair and all books are awarded nationally and internationally. Her several poems are present in anthologies of various publishing houses. In 2020, she signed the preface of an important catalog of Contemporary Art.


Beautiful Dreams Fall From The Sky

I see his face looking out the window


With a suspended soul

Between a sky and a garden

That awaits the ancient splendor



The pace of every step

Bitter and sweet


From there, across the rough road



Still the sea

That rises and falls

With its big waves


That woman doesn’t know

That the most beautiful dreams

Fall from the sky.


She doesn’t know the whole thing

It dips in the early morning light.


That woman gets carried away in the waves

Without ever leaving her hand


That woman doesn’t know…

To be the love!


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