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Her Love – Poetry from Kashmir

Her Love – Poetry from Kashmir
Handwara, Kashmir

Her love was for my summer when fall reigned me.

Shafkat Aziz Hajam, a poet from Kashmir, India shares his two poems

Hajam- KashmirShafkat Aziz Hajam is from Kashmir India. He is a poet, and especially writes for children. He is the author of two children poetry books titled ‘The cuckoo’s voice’ and the ‘Canary’s voice’. His poems have been published in international anthologies like wheel song anthology UK, Prodigy, digital literary magazine USA, and Inner Child Press International. He is working in a private secondary school in his native town Handwara. He has also written limericks for children and a book of poetry for adults, titled as ‘The Unknown Wounded Heart’.

beautiful-handwara-inHER LOVE

I lost my beauty for the harsh time of my youth,

Yearned to rare it for my name after demise,

She didn’t aid me to preserve my beauty.

She longed to preserve hers that would be mine too –

For this she did like me but alas! My harsh time…..

I had to bear it alone,

Her love was for my summer when fall reigned me.


Handwara-cityTHE LOST DREAM

The lost dream, I dreamt again,

Couldn’t fulfil it, oh! It caused pain.

Its beauty was not altered a bit,

Not even my desire for it.

I dreamt it again but untimely.

 I could only cry helplessly.

My cry and sigh it could hear,

Though it yearned, it wasn’t fair

For it to be the dream of mine again

As like me, him it would cause pain.




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