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Live Life, Love – The Innocent Cry against War

Live Life, Love – The Innocent Cry against War
Join Hands for World Peace

Some writers around the world have shared with Sindh Courier their thoughts and poems for world peace.

Compiled by Stefania Miola

Changing the world for the better is the deepest desire of every human being: trying to create something bigger, more harmonious, more beautiful is the event of history.

Live Life-- Love - The Innocent Cry against War- Writers- bSindh CourierLive Life-- Love - The Innocent Cry against War- Writers- bSindh Courier-1Live Life-- Love - The Innocent Cry against War- Writers- bSindh Courier-2This is why we live and sing with a new voice, because it is time to go back to believing that it is possible to reformulate another future for human beings on earth.

I would like to sit on a cloud

A poem by Sandra Mutto from Italy

I would like you to sit on a cloud high up in the blue sky,

Between the wind and the clouds

No one would see the borderline between one nation and another,

Nor the dividing line between one religion or another,

Nor the color of men’s skin,

Nor the language they speak…

There would be no envy, hatred, political or money interests.

No wars, only a great Universal Love, Peace between every human race….

You would see the smile of every child, who happily plays without fear of dying from a bullet or a bomb.

Sometimes I think how human wickedness can devastate the world and take away the smile from those

Children… Dreamer, Hopeful!

Yes, always because I always believe in the good soul hidden in the folds of an irrational and cruel hatred.

Because my words can be a small drop, but if many pour their own drop it can become a great sea of Peace

And Love.

We give each one our drop of Love….


By Stefania Miola-Italy

Peace is considered (or should be considered, according to current opinion) a universally recognized value that is able to overcome any social and / or religious barrier and any ideological prejudice, in order to avoid situations of conflict between two or more people, two or more groups, two or more nations, two or more religions”.

To arrive at the “state of peace” we must invest in solidarity and cooperation at all levels, on a personal level, in our communities as well as in relations between peoples and states. The perverse logic of so-called “interests”, the market, profit and global competition is impoverishing and destroying the world. Solidarity between individuals, peoples and generations, if it was previously desirable, has now become indispensable.

There is no peace without a policy of peace and justice. The world urgently needs a new politics and a new nonviolent political culture founded on human rights. We need new civic and political courage.

If we really want peace we must build and spread the culture of positive peace. A culture that puts human values back at the center of our life and that knows how to generate coherent personal behaviors and public policies. For this, first of all, it is necessary to educate for peace. Educating for peace is everyone’s responsibility.

Be open to meeting others and building relationships based on the principles of equality and the promotion of the common good. Practicing respect and dialogue between faiths and cultures enriches and increases the cohesion of our communities.

These priorities must be pursued by every person, locally, nationally and globally.

To achieve them we first need to act together with a common strategy and the awareness of having a common goal: Peace among men. Peace among peoples. Peace in every heart….

“If everyone lived with a mother’s heart, heaven on earth would reign by divine custom”

Stand at Distance from the Warriors

Poem and thoughts by Dr. Jawaz Jaffri – Lahore Pakistan

I always fastened

Stones on my belly,

Just to make my army strong,

Today hoisting white flag

With my hands,

I stand at distance from the warrior,

I favor only peace and freedom,

Thinking whether

My aloofness will keep me

Indifferent from destruction of wars

Though I am loyal to peace,

Yet on the face of the earth

Wars are always fought

Since  the  World  War  it  might  be  that  The Angel  of  Death  has  not  seized  the  souls  through natural  death  of  as  many  people  as  human  beings killed   one another with the un natural devices.

History shows that human blood has been constantly shed for centuries in the name of tribe, region, color, religion, country and ideology and in the near future there seems to be no interval. Being physically different from the animals, man has not yet got rid of the forest. The spans of time of cultural process spreads on  thousands of years, in consequence of which man has made progress in literature,  music, dance, sculpture, architecture, languages, writing, arts and  graphics,  farming, sciences and inventions, and now man is bent upon to eliminate all these achievements. Presence of atomic, nuclear and chemical weapons on the Earth,   avarice of the developed countries to usurp natural sources without sharing anyone, proclaimed and un-proclaimed access of countries to the fatal weapons,  and increasing odium among many weapons equipped countries.


A poem by Shamima Shawket Lovely – Bangladesh

In the land of colorful flowers

The chirping of birds

At the green ceremony

With the gentle rhythm of the wind

The beginning of the day may begin.

When the mind is calm, bad thoughts keeps away.

What if there are no flowers around

Twitting birds miles away

Does not touch the ear!!

Far from the calmness of greenery

You leave! So what!

Is there no sky above you!?

Take a glance; you might see a bird along with the emptiness of the clouds.

Even if it is not your time to see then

On the way to go, open your eyes on the side of the road

The thirsty eyes that are staring at you are your subordinates who have enhance the beauty,

Look at them once.

Even if you can’t do it

Then at least look at people around you. With the eyes of the heart,

Not as a machine, but slowly, and calmly, opening your eyes. Look at the children

To the elderly, old people

Look at your family members.

On the way to your relatives, your own child

You, you really don’t see anything.

Your heart is a desert.

Even Cactus blooms in the desert but

Your heart is a desert in stone.

Where love, affection, humanity

Is not accepted

You are a stupid, you are a beggar; you are a steep killer.

That’s why you throw away missile,

Bomb and destroy mosques, temples, churches, monastery, residents,

Children, old, people.

You kill people and you roar in laughter!!

You, are you human?


Caroline LAURENT Turunc Antakya -Turkey

Peace is our source of existence in the world.  Where there is no peace, there is conflict, noise, war and chaos.

Most importantly, human lives are lives left to live in death and poverty.

Three-eyed monsters who do not feel this and do not want to see it have always been against the peace defenders.

These words about peace show how important peace is to us.

Peaceful action is worth more than ten thousand quarrelsome and rude men.

How happy is a hungry child to eat?  And imagine that nobody can give you this comfort. The people’s war is like a children’s war, but the only difference is that after each fight, the children quickly immerse themselves in peaceful games.

This will break the peace that we call sane adults, thus ensuring that the common ideal is completely destroyed; because in such a situation, it will go into a vicious cycle and make

You feel unhappy and lonely.

Wishes become prayers

Poem and thoughts of Eva Petropoulou Lianoy – Greece 

Wishes become prayers

Prayer become words in the God ears

Whispers coming from Angels

My poetry s a bridge between earth and heaven

One request I have

One word I cry out

… Peace…

… Peace…

… Peace….


It is unfair in this world that everyone need food and water, to spend billions of dollars or euro to buy weapons to kill Brothers and sisters, to make the evil, to destroy the happiness of our neighbors due to different opinions in matters of religion or sex or even political belief. I condemn any action of hatred and non- respect. I cry for peace.

On the day of earth

Poem by Imen Melliti from Tunisia

On the day of earth

Humanity is mourning its birth

Greif is drawing the shadow of death

No one can impede Corona growth

On the day of earth

We recognized prayer worth

No matter what we face

He will be there for you and for us

Only Allah can turn his worst tragedies

Into fabulous victories

On the day of earth we felt the pain of refugees

Being jailed in the stolen Homeland

Is bitter than corona quarantine

Palestine stay strong

Corona made us feel your moaning

Today WE pray for you

And for us

May Allah forgive our sins!

To save us from the curse of the virus

We put our trust on you

You are out sufficient and trustee

Behind pain the reason of struggle

Is a reward from the Sky

Salvation is in its way to reach us

Bless will be granted for those who smile in day and cry by night

May Allah remove the illness and cure the disease

Our tears will be shed out of joy

In this mess some rays of hope will Rise

To enlighten our dark Sky!


MD Hasib – Bangladesh

  1. International peace is the desired concept that demands liberty, joy and safety among all the individuals of Earth.
  2. Various tribes, communities, organizations and intellectuals are trying best to achieve it with different theories for years.
  3. But it’s not a piece of cake as different nations contain distinct people with separate view and mentality.
  4. When people around the world start to respect other’s feelings and religions, peace is developed in the region.
  5. Besides, if humanity is given importance than anything else, brother hood will cross the borders and peace will be found in the air.

How long

Poem by Farzana Chandio – Pakistan

How long you will keep snatching our rights

How long you will exercise in justice on us

How long you will be killing us

How long you will keep us hungry

How long you will be targeting us

How long you will shed our blood

How long you will be terrifying us by attacks

How long you will keep snatching our mothers, sisters, brothers and fathers

How long you will be beguiling us in the name of peace

How long – How long- How long

You will keep destroying our abodes          

And how long we shall go on erecting them out of rubbles

Ah! We are human beings or bubbles?

Let’s not promise anything

Poem by Adriano Schiavon – Italy

Let’s not promise anything

That life has traps

It is not given…

It disregards by its nature

Let’s not swear our peace

That promises hide war

Let’s breath the lightly

As the wind does with flowers

Concluding Note

Then out of nowhere, almost by chance, one day, all of a sudden, just as you least expect it, the light of life sings with joy, the most sublime and light constellations of the soul shine in the heart, which make us capable to read the phonogram of the sky with a different look .

Join us in peace.

Hands joined together are a sign of cooperation and also of responsibility towards others. A broad vision of life and international relations based on cooperation, mutual responsibilities, respect, and selfless service is the expression of non-violence, which presupposes a wonderful conception of the world as one big family.

Thanks to Nasir for sharing and thanks to every person who contributed with his words to create a thought of peace that can caress hearts and consciences.

[author title=”Stefania Miola” image=”https://sindhcourier.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Stefania-Miola-Italy-1.jpeg”]Stefania Miola is an eminent Poetess, Art Critic and Writer from Italy. She lives in a small town on the outskirts of Turin. Since 2015, three books of Stefania have been published – “One sky – the only true one”, “Violets in the Desert” and “The scent of the white rabbit”. All books are awarded nationally and internationally. Her several poems are present in anthologies of various publishing houses. Stefania Miola had been writing for Sindh Courier. [/author]