Home Crime On an average 150 Street Crimes are reported daily in Karachi

On an average 150 Street Crimes are reported daily in Karachi

On an average 150 Street Crimes are reported daily in Karachi
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The actual number of street crimes is higher than official figures, as most of the victims avoid reporting the crime due to annoying police behavior.   

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Despite having launched the operation against the street criminals on the orders of Sindh Chief Minister, the police have failed to control the crimes as is evident from the latest official data that on an average some 150 street crimes are committed in twenty four hours in Karachi, the metropolitan city and capital of Sindh province.

The data relates only those cases, which are reported at the police stations. The number of street crimes are much higher as most of the victims do not bother to report the crimes to the police for their unwanted behavior.

Sharing the official data through WhatsApp and email on January 12, 2023, the Media Consultant of Sindh Chief Minister stated that ‘during the last 24 hours, 148 street crime incidents occurred in the jurisdiction of eight districts and 108 police stations of the city.’

He said that the report shows that out of 148 cases of street crime, the district East remained high with 46 cases followed by 22 cases in district Korangi.

According to Media Consultant, the report on 24-hour crime situation was sent to Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah by Additional Inspector General of Police Karachi Javed Ala Odho on Thursday.

According to the report, 148 cases of street crime included 59 Mobile Phone / Cash Snatching, four Car Theft, 11 Motorcycle Snatching, and 74 Motorcycle thefts.

Out of 148 street crime incidents, 46 happened in district east, 22 Korangi, nine Malir, 28 Central, 14 West, five in district City, 12 south, and 12 Keamari.

The street criminals during the robbery injured three persons while resisting the robbery. The injured citizens have been identified as Javed s/o Niaz – in the area of Police Station Site Super Highway District East, Jameel s/o Abdul Aziz in the area of PS Shah Faisal Colony, District Korangi by stabbing, and Rozi Khan s/o Sher Muhammad in the area of PS SITE-B, District Keamari with a pistol but.

The CM was told that the police conducted seven encounters with street criminals/ robbers in which 10 Street Criminals/Robbers were arrested in injured condition and eight were held red-handed. The police conducted four raids /search operations in the area of Districts East, Central, and District West in which they arrested 199 accused, including 22 Street Criminals/Robbers, 14 vehicles lifters, one Extortionist, 28 accused with illicit weapons, 21 narcotics peddlers and suppliers, and 113 in others crimes.

The Additional IG Karachi said in his report that during the search operation 31 illicit pistols, 21 kilograms of Chars, 19 snatched mobile phones, and 30 stolen vehicles, one car, and 29 Motorcycles were recovered.

The CM directed the city police to continue combing operations and bring the street under control.

Earlier on January 11, the Chief Minister was informed that 149 street crimes were reported in 24 hours in the city that included 62 crimes of mobile phones and cash snatching, 61 cases of motorcycle and four cases of car theft. Out of 149 street crimes, 46 were committed in district east, 41 in central district, 21 in Korangi and 15 in district west. Eight street crimes were committed each in Malir and City district while five each in South and Keamari districts. A man was killed while offering resistance in Surjani police station limits and another was injured in central district.

Police reported five encounters with crimnals and arresting seven criminals in injured condition. Thirteen criminals were arrested red-handed while four search operations were conducted in east, Korangi, west and Keamari districts.

The police claimed having arrested 123 criminals including 30 street criminals, two murderers, 20 for possessing illegal weapons, 22 drug peddlers and 48 others. Further, 12 car-lifters were also nabbed besides recovered 18 pistols, 40kg hashish and 12 snatched mobile phones.




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