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Politics – A Poem from Bengal

Politics – A Poem from Bengal
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Suhina Biswasmajumdar

Contemporary World Literature -Suhina Biswasmajumdar- Sindh CourierA writer from Kolkata, Bengal and a life-long devotee of Swami Vivekananda, Suhina is against any discrimination. Two significant life-forces propel her – ‘love’ and ‘writing’. Suhina’s book ‘Tumi’ (you) and Songs of Silence (A Journey to Love), are collections of her poetic thoughts.


Who told you I’m an apolitical hybrid?

I’m a dormant fossil,

My mutated gene forbids me to look backward

Move forward or

Attack the crowd;

Like those shrubs and herbs

I learn to live alone

Love my static captivity and


Learn to inhale the venom of life

Like the crucified son of god learn to forgive and promise;

I promise

But to me,

I forgive but myself –

My genetic degeneration

Inactive polarity, distorted ethnicity no longer laugh at me,

The functional generic codes detoxicate their individual inner cries

Like the drunken middle aged guy who lost his used wife

Waiting, for death or dinner none cares to night


On the river bed

Policy and politics enjoy the moon light

The fire crackers and the mystical tunes

They know the making of a dew drop

On the lips of a yellow leaf,

Flooded with the moon beam I learn with them

The secret of leaving the hell!



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