Pune Sindhi Community remembers Santdas Punhumal Kishnani

Born in Naushehro Feroz district of Sindh on June 29, 1902, Santdas Punhumal Kishnani was the man of letters, social activist and freedom fighter who was jailed four times

After partition, Santdas settled in Pune, India where he spent his life for promotion of Sindh literature, language and culture.    

The Sindhi community of Pune, India remembered noted writer and social worker Santdas Punhumal Kishnani on his birth anniversary who was born on 29th June 1902 in District Naushehro Feroze Sindh.

Santdas was a freedom fighter and was imprisoned four times. After partition, he moved to Pune India where he founded Center for Pandit Kishinchand Jethley Akhal Bharat Sindhi Literature. Promotion of Sindhi Literature and Language was the objective of this center. He authored about a dozen books. He passed away on 2nd April 1991.

According to Shri Goverdhan Sharma, Shri Santdas Kishnani was known as ‘KaKa’ in Sindhi literary circle in Pune. He also wrote a poetry book. KAKA was closely associated with Sindhi Adabi Sabha, Sindhi Devanagari Prachaar Sabha and other literary circles. He was not only a writer and translator, but the donor and promoter for Sindhi language, literature and culture. Santdas was a popular and highly respected person among Sindhi community of Pune.


Courtesy: Jayanti Thakkar/All Sindhi Hope Association ASHA


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