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Sindh’s cultural handcrafts on display

Sindh’s cultural handcrafts on display

Sindh’s cultural handcrafts on display- Thardeep- Hyderabad-Sindh Courier-2Thardeep displayed handicrafts at Sindh Livestock Festival Hyderabad; earlier it organized Karigar Melo in Karachi  

Hyderabad: Sindh has rich heritage of art but due to neglect, no market linkages and many other factors the high potential of handicrafts has not be fully realized. This rich culture is fading away with passage of time. To respond to this issue, Thardeep Rural Development Program (TRDP) has undertaken this arduous job by training and linking the artisans and their exquisite products to market.

Ali Muhammad Kallar, Program officer TRDP said that in this regards TRDP team led by Doctor Allah Nawaz Samoo, has proactively took the fine articles of handcraft from remote areas of Thar, Kachho and other parts of Sindh to main cities.

TRDP’s Jai Parkash Shivani said that Karigar Mela was exclusive mega event held by their organization in January 2021 to promote beautiful handcrafts in Karachi.  Recently TRDP participated in livestock expo 20201 at Hyderabad held from 13 to 15 March 2021. TRDP had installed a stall where handicrafts including rilies (quilt), embroideries, clothes, straw-made products and other traditional artifacts displayed from Thar, Kachho, Kohistan and other parts of Sindh.

Sindh’s cultural handcrafts on display- Thardeep- Hyderabad-Sindh Courier-1Sharing the development at stall Humera Noor of TRDP said that lot of people visited the stall and this is great encouragement for TRDP team and the artisans who made these products. She added that they have learnt great deal of strategies during this event for promoting the articles and linking these to the thriving markets. She added that majority of visitors from the market suggested to establish online or cities’ outlets.

Samad Phulpoto of TRDP while talking to Sindh Courier said that the stall was grand success beyond their expectation as visitors and media thronged to the stall and took keen interest in the products. He said with help of concerned stakeholders they can boost this declining field of handcrafts which also contains symbols of rich Sindhi Culture.

Akbar Khoso of TRDP shared that promoting of handcrafts would help in increasing livelihood opportunities in rural Sindh.


Contributed by Gulsher Panhwer


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