Forced Disappearance - Activists Stage Demo, Observe Hunger Strike- Sindh Courier-0

Demo, Hunger Strike against Forced Disappearance

Activists of different nationalist parties of Sindh demand International Human rights Commission to send fact-finding missions   By Allah Bux Khushik Dadu: A number of activists of nationalist parties staged demonstration outside local press club and observed hunger strike on Friday against enforced disappearance of nationalist parties’ activists across Sindh. The protesters carried pictures of […]

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Observations of an Expat - Brexit—A Fishy Tale

Observations of an Expat: Brexit—A Fishy Tale

Up until the 1950s Britain had the world’s largest fishing industry, and its dominant position stretched centuries into the past.  William Pitt the Elder called cod “British Gold” and Victorian Grimsby was the world’s biggest fishing port. Overfishing, the loss of the Icelandic waters, the extension of exclusive economic zones and finally, the EU’s Common […]

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Domestic Violence - Awareness Session for School Girls - Sindh Courier

Domestic Violence: Awareness Session for School Girls

NGO Dur-Andesh organized the session at Shah Abdul Latif High School Hirabad in connection with ‘Domestic Violence Awareness Month’ By GR Junejo Hyderabad:  A team of young social leaders conducted an Awareness Session for the girls’ students of Government Shah Abdul Latif High School Hirabad Hyderabad on Thursday. The awareness session was held in connection […]

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Indigenous Americans - How the US Stole Thousands of Native American Children

How the US Stole Thousands of Native American Children

The long and brutal history of the US trying to “kill the Indian and save the man” By Ranjani Chakraborty For decades, the US took thousands of Native American children and enrolled them in off-reservation boarding schools. Students were systematically stripped of their languages, customs, and culture. And even though there were accounts of neglect, […]

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Two old spacecraft may catastrophically collide in orbit-1

Two old spacecraft may catastrophically collide in orbit

If they do hit one another, the smashup could create a spray of debris that would be extremely dangerous for other satellites and could set off a chain-reaction of collision-report About 1000 kilometers above Earth’s surface, two old spacecraft may be on a collision course. If they do hit one another, the smashup could create […]

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Defining the boundaries of ‘Love-jihad’

Defining the boundaries of ‘Love-Jihad’

There was uproar in India over newspaper ad of jewelry using the term ‘Love-Jihad’ and showing a Hindu daughter-in-law and Muslim mother-in-law. The jewelry manufacturer had to withdraw the ad after massive protest.    Nazarul Islam A jewelry manufacturer has taken nearly 1.5 billion souls in South Asia, for a bouncy ride. An ad featured […]

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Free Neuro Surgery Camp Organized in Mithi - Sindh Courier-1

Free Neurology Treatment Camp Organized in Mithi

A number of ailing children from Tharparkar, Umerkot and surrounding districts were treated free of cost   By GR Junejo Mithi: First time in the history of Tharparkar district, a free neurology treatment camp was organized in Mithi on Thursday where a number of child patients were provided treatment. The camp was organized by social […]

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