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Contemporary World Literature – Poetry from Bosnia Herzegovina

Contemporary World Literature – Poetry from Bosnia Herzegovina-2Contemporary World Literature Poetry from Bosnia Herzegovina

By Selma Kopic

Selma Kopić is a Professor of Bosnian Language and Literature. Born in 1962 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, she is the author of two textbooks and one workbook for primary school. She worked as a coach, reviewer and proofreader.

Contemporary World Literature – Poetry from Bosnia Herzegovina- Selma- Sindh CourierHer stories and poems have been awarded and entered anthologies in Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH) and around the world. The most significant awards are: Third prize “Mak Dizdar” for unpublished collection of poems “Puzzle”, BiH, 2008; Golden Plaque, “Poetry of the Year 2020”, Balkan Poetry Union, BiH, 2021; First prize for the triptych of love poems in the competition “Poem above poems”, BiH 2021;First prize for the best foreign poem “I’m not ready to leave yet”, Italy, 2020. She has published two independent poetry books: ‘‘Sign’’, ‘‘The Monument of love’’ and a joint collection ‘‘Cosmic Rainbow’’ with five other authors. Third poetry book ‘‘Puzzle’’ will be published these days by ”Darwish”, publishing house from Bulgaria/ Germany.

The vicious circle

There are a lot of planets in space,

Clouds in the sky

Many birds share a nest,

Together grow trees in the forest.

But the three of them don’t have each other.

The Earth would like to keep the Sun,

Constantly afraid that he will escape

She would want him for herself,

But, to warm others, he goes west.

The Moon would want the Earth

But can never touch

The one he loves so much.

And the three of them spin incessantly

In that vicious circle

The Moon, young and bright,

Sadly watching every night

The eyes of his darling in love with another

And so the Moon dreams of the Earth by day,

The Earth dreams of the Sun at night,

I dream of you at all times,

To another you give your light.

I don’t allow the Moon to come near,

I let him suffer…

Longing, love, pain, happiness…

Every now and then everything comes back,

Everything is spinning in a circle, my dear!


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