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Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Mexico

Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Mexico

Contemporary World Literature- Poetry from Mexico- Medusa-marble-sculpture-Contemporary World Literature Poetry from Mexico

By Angel Acecam Cloneoser

Angel Acecam Cloneoser, is a Mexican writer born in the municipality of Nicolás Romero, State of Mexico in March 1985. He considers himself a milestone buried deep in his land.

Angel Acecam Cloneoser- Mexico - Sindh CourierAngel has a degree in administration; his texts mainly deal with death, loneliness and heartbreak. His poetry has been published in the Mexican magazines Nocturnario, Monolito, Engarce, Poetómanos, Ibídem, Letrantes, Primera Página, Collhibri, Tintasangre, Perro de la Calle, Elementum and Letras Rebeldes, as well as in publications from Argentina, Guatemala, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, the United States, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Ecuador. Currently, he is studying the masters in educational technology.


Between the hells of my loneliness

You usually hide,

Appeasing my desire to call you

Oblivion seduces me and sneaks between

Got damn,


Where did you learn to play like this?

I feel faint

Tied to the dying fate

That erases my footprints

Of your

White skin,


You look behind Satan

Your dirty wishes become is

In my painful reality,

I will die! You smile taking him by the hand

While my cherubs try to lift me up

From my dying bed,


Did you hear my prayers?

Hundreds of little birds

They wove a bed for my soul

With moss and ocochal

So that he sleeps in the softness

Of your complacencies,


So I won’t get to hades

Precipitated by your lack of love,

In the dawn the roosters will sing

My farewell, like a hymn

That are sounds like a natural regret of the

Land that hungry my body awaits,


Dust floods the tears of my relatives

How much haggard are the memories and fire

Those ask truce to time,

Wood and glass adorn

My farewell to the room

Of my bones,


Dirty failed attempts

For returning to me the genesis

That beats in my grave,

You live among them

Jellyfish of my eternal loneliness

And you hide to kill me.

Silente (Silence)

May your silence kiss your lips

With the sweet flavor of their anonymous,

May a cold winter wind burn your skin,

May your bitter destiny

Bring you to the forgetfulness

That inhabits medusa with honey


What does exile taste like?

You hide your lovers

In the dark face of your soul

That is approaching hell,

You tasted the pieces that a god

I left in your bedroom

After your death

And that’s how you satiated

Your atrocious hunger,


You made ashes to the mourners of nirvana

That dwelt near your pupils

And you could not mourn your tragedy,

A tornado of harmless demons

They will take them to the desert

Of your revenge to lock them up



Big liar,

You fool the angels

That rest on your hair

And you tie their wings with them

To hand them over to the executioners

That devours them in a hurry


You will reap the fruits

Of the apocalypse where

Your loneliness will be a mattress

In the long insomnia

Of bloody tears,

Let your soul cry,


And after a decade

You will take them to the warehouse

By chance

With roots of bitterness,

And there, they will become seeds

Of great torment,

To be sown in your body,


That you will germinate between statues

And bees,

With your immense cry,

To agonize in that desert,

That desert will be your graveyard.

Raiz (Root)

I am a child of this land,

This one that was born of a snake,

Devoured by a golden eagle,

What is the navel of the moon

For eternity!

I am the fruit of her womb

That stretches across the continent,

I am aroma,


And ornament,

I am coa,

Vunta and plow,

I am a cornfield,


And grass.

I am groove,

Weed and heap,

I am sowing,


And troje.

I am cane,

Kills and spikes,

I am chaff


And picker

I am a farmer

Day laborer and farmer,

I am corn,


And atole

I am nixtamal

Omelette and offering,

I am a child of the sun

With earth blood

I am corn, the root of your offspring.