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Journalists’ protection body to open its offices at divisional level in Sindh

Journalists’ protection body to open its offices at divisional level in Sindh

Sindh Commission for the Protection of Journalists and other Media Practitioners will develop contacts with national and international rights organization  

Karachi, Sindh

Sindh Commission for the Protection of Journalists and other Media Practitioners (CPJMP) in a meeting on Friday May 12, 2023 discussed the establishment of CPJMP offices in Hyderabad, Mirpur Khas, Sukkur, Shaheed Benazirabad, and Larkana.

It was agreed that, for the time being, the respective divisional directorate offices of the Sindh Information Department would serve as liaison offices.

It was directed to include proposals for the necessary staff and office requirements of the CPJMP secretariat and divisional offices in the upcoming budget.

The meeting, held in Committee Room of Secretary Information Department, Sindh, was presided over by Justice ® Rashid A. Rizvi, Chairman of the Sindh Commission for the Protection of Journalists and other Media Practitioners (CPJMP).

The meeting decided to establish contact with the Human Rights Commission in Sukkur and the Human Rights Department of Sindh in Hyderabad. These organizations should be informed about the activities of CPJMP, and a letter should be written to them requesting the nomination of a focal persons for liaison with CPJMP.

It was also agreed to take necessary steps to establish links with international organizations focusing on human rights and journalists’ rights. This would ensure the protection of journalists’ rights in accordance with the principles outlined in the Constitution of Pakistan and the United Nations Charter.

The meeting emphasized the importance of active participation from journalistic organizations and institutions, as well as building strong relationships with them. This would enable the commission to swiftly address complaints received from journalists.

Rashid A. Rizvi instructed the commission’s secretary to obtain the report regarding the letters written to the Secretary of Home and IG Sindh. The letters were written by the Chairman of CPJMP in response to a complaint filed by Ghazi Jhandir of the Sindh Journalist Council regarding the violence against two journalists of Pano Aaqil – Irfan Ali, son of Ghulam Shabbir, and Muhammad Paryal Dayo, son of Wali Muhammad.

The representative of the Department of Information Technology (IT), who attended the meeting as an observer, reported that the initial work on the commission’s website has been completed. The IT department will also provide training to the commission members on operating the website.

Secretary Information Sindh Nadeem ur Rehman Memon, Representative Officer Jameel Hussain Junejo from the Secretary Human Rights Department Sindh, Qazi Asad Abid from the All Pakistan Newspaper Society (APNS), Dr. Jabbar Khattak from the Council of Newspaper Editors (CPNE), Athar Qazi from the Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA), Ayaz Tunio from the Sindh Bar Council, Dr. Tauseef Ahmed Khan from the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Ghulam Fariduddin from APNEC, and the Commission’s Secretary and Director of Press Information, Hasan Asghar Naqvi participated in the meeting.


Secretary-Information-Sindh-Sindh-CourierSecretary Information Sindh asks officers to strengthen relations with journalists

Separately, Information Secretary Sindh Nadeem ur Rehman Memon chaired a meeting with the Directors of the Department in the Committee Room.

Secretary Information urged the directors to enhance the performance of their respective departments. He specifically instructed the Directors to prominently showcase the development projects of the Sindh Government through various mediums such as print, electronic, and social media. The aim is to ensure that the public is well-informed about the government’s actions, including significant development initiatives undertaken for the welfare of the people. This will facilitate effective awareness of ongoing projects, enabling the public to make better use of them.

Secretary Information further directed the officers of the Information Department to strengthen relationships with journalists and media organizations. This collaboration will ensure timely dissemination of information regarding the government’s development endeavors to the public.

Nadeem ur Rehman Memon also instructed the officers of the Directorate of Advertisements to ensure the prompt payment of advertisement dues. This will prevent any accumulation of old dues, alleviating unnecessary burdens. He stressed the importance of teamwork among the officers in addressing issues promptly and efficiently.

The meeting was attended by Director Admin and Accounts Muhammad Yousif Kabooro, Director Press Information Hasan Asghar Naqvi, Director Press Aziz Hakaro, Director Electronic Media Moizuddin Pirzada, Director Advertising Imtiaz Ali Joyo, Director Publications Mansoor Rajput, Director Planning and Development Fida Hussain Baladi, and other officers from the Information Department. (PR)



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