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Sindh Agriculture University working on Oilseed Crops

Sindh Agriculture University working on Oilseed Crops

Country needs developing oilseed crops to produce edible oil domestically and reduce the import bill – VC Dr. Fateh Marri

Tando Jam

Sindh Agriculture University is working on Oilseed Crops while a study carried out by a scholar of this university says that sunflower can be cultivated on dry and humid soils in different regions.

The study results were revealed Tuesday at PhD seminar titled “Evaluation of sunflower hybrids for yield and oil traits under water stress condition” by Majid Hussain Kaleri, a scholar of the Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics.

Speaking on this occasion, Vice Chancellor Dr. Fateh Marri said that country needs developing oilseed crops to produce edible oil domestically and reduce the import bill.

Dr. Fateh Marri said that production problems have increased in Pakistan due to the decrease in the area of oil crops and climatic change, which has led to shortage of edible oil and increase in oil import bill.

He said that edible oil imports in Pakistan are the second largest capital expenditure after petroleum. “During the first 11 months of the fiscal year ending June 2022, Pakistan’s cooking oil imports were 3.56 billion dollar.”

He said Pakistan’s dependence on imports of edible oil and oilseeds to meet its domestic demand for edible oil has been increasing over the past two decades.

Dr. Marri said that during 2020, about 86% of the domestic edible oil consumption had to be imported, which is a big challenge for the experts.

He said SAU is working on oilseed crops in the light of joint agreements with various national and international institutions, while the plant breeding and genetics department of the university is performing important research services on the seeds of various crops.

PhD scholar Majid Hussain Kaleri said in his research that different sunflower cultivars were tested on dry and humid soils in different regions, and found better production results on less water, while there is also scope for research work for new varieties of sunflower and other oilseed crops.

He said that agriculture in the country is facing various problems, while the need for oil in human food and lack of quality oil is a major challenge and this research can deal with such issues.

On this occasion, Dean Dr. Inayatullah Rajpar, Dean Dr. Aijaz Ali Khooharo, Dean Dr. Ghiyasuddin Shah Rashidi, Dean Dr. Manzoor Ali Abro, Dr. Zohoor Ahmed Soomro, Director of Nuclear Institute of Agriculture Mehboob Siyal, Director of Arid Research Centre Umerkot Muhammad Siddique Depar, Director Advanced Studies Dr. Abdul Mubeen Lodhi, Chairman Plant Breeding and Genetics Dr. Shahnawaz Marri, Dr. Wajid Jatoi, eminent agriculturist Karam Khan Kaleri and a large number of teachers, students and experts were also present.

Award for Prof. Dr. Bhai Khan Solangi

Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam’s Prof. Dr. Bhai Khan Solangi has been honored with a shield during the second competition of National Ideas Bank (NIB) and his excellent service as a judge in the competition for the agricultural sector.

The second final ceremony of National Ideas Bank (NIB) was held at Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology Karachi on Monday, where President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi was present as a guest of honor.

SAU-Sir-Syed-Award-Ceremony-Sindh-CourierDr. Bhai Khan Solangi a Professor of SAU was awarded a certificate by the former governor of Sindh, Moinuddin Haider, for serving as a judge in the ideas competitions in the field of agriculture, while he was also honored with the shield for his excellent services as the focal person of Sindh Agriculture University, which was presented to him by the Vice Chancellor of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Dr. Waliuddin.

SAU-Sir-Syed-Award-Ceremony-Sindh-CourierMore than 3700 ideas were submitted for NIB this year and 30 ideas were selected by the jury for awards from various sectors, including agriculture, automotive, transport, education and learning, health, IT, manufacturing, natural resources and services.

Last year 2100 ideas were submitted and 18 of them were selected as winners, 15 start-ups based on the ideas of 2022 winners have already started their operations.

During the ceremony, President Arif Alvi distributed prizes to the winners of the National Ideas Bank competition.

Vice Chancellor of SAU Dr. Fateh Marri congratulated Prof. Dr. Bhai Khan Solangi for receiving the award. (PR)



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