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The Maid, a Novel

The Maid, a Novel

The main character who shapes Molly’s personality was her grandmother, who is dead in the story but very much alive on almost every page of the book.

Nasir Soomro

Finished reading ‘The Maid’, a novel by Nita Prose. This is kind of a novel that I get to read in years. I finished reading the book in 12 days despite being overwhelmed by office and chores. I took so many notes from this Novel, such as:

“We are all the same but in different ways”

I can talk volumes about this book. It’s the murder mystery. Molly Gray, the maid at hotel is framed for murder of a rich man. Molly, the maid try to strike a balance with social skills and she misreads the motives of colleagues and friends. The main character who shaped her personality was her grandmother, who is dead in the story but she is very much alive on almost every page of the book, with her quotations and quips, which are reproduced by Molly. She almost interpreted the world for her.

Molly live by the rules, her grandmother had set out for her.

The Maid - Novel - Sindh CourierThe 25-years old Molly is all alone, weaving her way into complexities of her life, she is a perfect worker, she earns plenty of tips for implacable cleaning skills, and she loves her job at the Regency Grand Hotel.

As the time goes by, Molly’s simple life take quite unusual turns, as she cleans the suite of the rowdy millionaire Charles Black, where she found him dead in his bed. She is roughed up by Police, her hotel management and colleagues, she is completely clueless what is being unfolded.

She finds herself trapped and entangled in a bad situation, hard to untangle and walk free as a normal person. Eventually, Molly finds friends rescuing her from the plot of murder, she is framed in innocently.

This is indeed riveting, and engaging debut novel; characters are very much alive as if one is watching a movie, masterful stroke of genius pen, mystery that makes clue our chairs and dazzle on every page.

Lastly, I must add the introduction of the novelist and editor, Nita Prose. She lives in Toronto, Canada. “The Maid” is her promising debut novel; she has been on New York Times and Amazon’s bestselling list.


Nasir Soomro - Sindh CourierNasir Soomro is Karachi-based freelance writer. He is poet and author of a poetry book.