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The significance of Role Model in our success

The significance of Role Model in our success

The role models are must for self-improvement because we must have a standard to endeavor.

Shuhban Ali Siyal

A role model is someone whose behavior is learned and imitated by others. The significance of good role model is simple one to describe – When children have positive role models, they are more likely to act constructively like those they take care. When we are children and growing up, there is always an elder person whom we admire and attach for many reasons. Usually, it is a parent, teacher, brothers/sisters, cousin or any other one, who is someone we look up to and copy. Some of us may do it intentionally, while some of us will do it unconsciously, how much they are affect getting by them. They are our paragon person and like our growth process, they are constantly changing as our tastes and needs change. And having good role models is more important, as they influence what we do and how we turn out eventually. Positive paragon person influences our actions and motivate us to strive to explore our true talent and overcome our drawbacks and pushes us to make our life fruitful.

The role models are must for self-improvement because we must have a standard to endeavor for or compare ourselves with high standard achievers that we should wish to achieve if we are wisher of mediocre amount of success in any facet of life. Therefore, it is important to have the right inspiration to discover who you are and do your best. All great leaders, sportsmen and high-achievers have one thing in common – they all have positive role models whom they strained to emulate in some way and finally end up doing better than their ideal person. Our expectations are usually based on what we see around us. And it is likely that what we see around us is just ordinary or average, even though we may think other than. So we should base our role models seriously, selecting those who are up to mark in their game, the toper in their field but with a strong moral standing and of an upright character.

All sports persons and teams have coach maintenance. Often a change in the coach influences the performance of the player or the team. Have you wondered why a world class player or the best player in the world needs a coach when they already are so good at their game? It is because a coach keeps us motivated, on target, inspired and shows us how to overcome our weaknesses and how to face difficult situations. Now we can’t have personal coaches for one thing, because they are very expensive but we might have our coaches to motivate us on daily bases. The life, struggles, successes and failures of our paragon persons contain many lessons that can inspire and motivate us in daily life. My maintenance always advise me to strive and work hard for 100 percent marks- then you will at least get 90 or 80 percent, but if you only endeavor for 80 percent thinking that it will get me an A grade which is what you want, you will realistically get only 70 to 60 percent. Norman Vincent Peale was right to say, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” This means that even if we don’t attain our original goal, we can still have success. Now relating this with the concept of role paragons, always have worthy role models who are among the best in their field or have had greatest success with what we want to do. In this way we will set high expectations from ourselves, making us give our best and not settle for mediocre success.

Often we start off with high keen interests and great enthusiasm, making for the right goals, but the moment we face challenges and difficulties, we start losing spirits and steam and enthusiasm. Our role models can motivate us to overcome challenges because they faced a lot of challenges and overcame those.

Role Model proved that no obstacle is too big to overcome. In fact, some successful people have had challenges that are generally considered insurmountable. For staying motivated or inspired, we should look for someone who inspires us to be the best. They are also one of the best choices for us because they share their experience which help us to direct our path. We should listen to their stories, learn about their struggles and study their path of success and failure. There are countless lessons in these that will guide us about what to do and what to avoid. It is also an advantage that we can easily turn to them for advices, which they impart based on their experience and our well-being in mind.

There are countless people in every field of life, who can make great role models. So read history, whether it is about business, science, political or showbiz and whatever is relevant to us. There are so many great people to easily become the beacon of light for us. We should try to take note of their good habits and incorporate them in our routine, and avoid the mistakes that they made. We need different role models for different stages and aspects of life. We need different role models for different stages and aspects of life. So we need to have multiple role mode. That way, you can pick up one aspect or good thing from one aspect and get another good thing to admire and strive with another role model. And as we grow, we may find someone better suited to our circumstances and aspirations, so we need to replace some role models with new ones.





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