Brahma said, “They made this earth hell for vast sections of society. They are living like Hell. They are thinking Hell. They are acting Hell. Don’t you see how bullishly they are investing in the stock market of Hell?  They do not aspire for Heaven. They are enjoying their Hell. Hope for whom?

Dr. Jernail S. Anand

Tragedy has an ennobling effect on men. The bard was talking not only about those who suffer tragedies, but also about those who watch it on the stage. Taking this issue out of the world of drama, we can discuss how tragedy affects the lives of the people whom it befalls. Tragedy is not a single event in the life of a man. Sometime when it is prolonged, it turns into adversity. Adversity is a blessing in disguise, it is often held, because suffering has an ennobling effect on men.

When we look at millions of people living in dingy chawls, or sleeping on the roadsides, or languishing in help houses, we feel a great pity for the suffering humanity. At the same time, a corresponding thought strikes us is: while these millions are struggling in unwholesome conditions, some people enjoy the fruits of their labor, and own the maximum wealth of the earth.

The Rationale Behind Adversity

Is this division of society into two sections man-made or god-ordained? Brahma once told Narada Muni that they are planning to raise the eternal poverty line, so that more and more people are pushed down and fall into the impoverished categories. Surprised, Narada asked why gods were so obsessed with adversity, misery and suffering of humanity.

BrahmaBrahma came down heavily upon the people living in plenty, who are enjoying all the joys of life. These are the people, he said, who never remember gods. Moreover, they think that they are too wise, and can alter the cosmic balance.  In a way, they mock the divine dispensation. They also think that if they are rich, it is because of their efforts and they can do anything they want on the earth, while we, the creators, watch helplessly the damage they are doing to body-politic.

If you are so unhappy about them, said Narada, why don’t you do something and inject some sense into their veins?

Tragedy is not a single event in the life of a man. Sometime when it is prolonged, it turns into adversity

Brahma said: We can, but it is against divine principles to force men into doing something. We let them use their own brain. We know when they use it too much, they commit follies which finally bring about their downfall. There was a great dramatist, you know, William Shakespeare. Haven’t you read about his tragic heroes?  Was Lear a mean intelligence? Was a cowardly act as murder expected from a great soldier like Macbeth? Such people do not listen to sane advice coming from their inside, and overreach themselves.

Gods and the Suffering Humanity

Brahma, however, had a soft corner for the people from the poor quarters who had to pass through trying times.  They would always remember gods, and also pray to them avidly. These are real human beings who retain their faith in their creator, said Brahma. They pray, they do not demand, nor make any claims. On the other hand, the upper strata is a valueless society, where people believe only in wealth and power. They go to shrines, not for peace, but for more wealth. They are praying for this boon. That boon. That too for themselves.

Narada here stops Brahma and asks: Why do you go on giving them wealth? You can do everything. You can also inject sense into their blood vessels.

We do not impart wisdom to anybody, said Brahma.  It comes to them by and by as they interact with other forces. We create adversity, which is like a hurdles race. When circumstances block their way, they use their internal powers to surmount these problems.

Fast Forward Towards Death

It is not roses all the way for the rich too, Lord.  Says Narada. There is so much struggle among the wealthy people. There are business rivalries, and people get each other killed through ‘supari’ using hired killers. Underworld is an extended scourge of the rich and the powerful. Not only is it difficult to make money, but it is more difficult to maintain your wealth and then, make it grow.

Brahma said: One you enter a dark and dingy drain under the ground, you have no other option but to move forward in the darkness of desire. They are like cockroaches, Narada. People who think they are the masters of this world are actually smugglers and they are constantly investing in the stock market of hell. They are the rotten stuff of society, who are causing seismic disasters in our world.

Living on streetsThe Poverty Line

Why are you pushing more and more people under the poverty line? You have just lifted the line up, so that millions who were enjoying the status of the rich, now find themselves among the poor mass of society. They have lost their higher status. Now that they are in adversity, do you think they will be thankful to you, my Lord for paupering them?

Narad turned silent.

It has been done on purpose, said Brahma. We grant wealth to people who have done good deeds and now must enjoy their fruit.  But they do not value the role of gods in granting them prosperity. So, even if they go to shrines, or organize community dinners, it is only for show. They want to show us that they are very kind and caring. While we know, inside them, there is a canker. And they want their dirty deeds to be set off by doing small acts of charity. Nothing doing. It is playing smart, and gods cannot be taken for a ride.

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Yes, Brahma continued, we lay a great store by the vast multitudes living in abject poverty. They are facing adverse circumstances. It is adversity which tests their faith and builds their character. We need people who are good at heart, and who possess faith to lead the world over to greater heights. We do not expect anything from the rotten stuff on the upper layers of society who are destroying the finesse of the human world. For us, they are on the fast forward towards self-elimination.


Do they have no hope then, Lord? Narada now was worried about the rich landlords of the earth, the business magnates, the people who ran great businesses in every part of the earth and the politicians who believed in their immortality.

Brahma turned silent. And shook his triad head. No Hope, dear Narada.

Are they meant for Hell then?

Brahma finally said: They made this earth hell for vast sections of society. They are living like Hell. They are thinking Hell. They are acting Hell. And Narada, don’t you see how bullishly they are investing in the stock market of Hell? They do not aspire for Heaven. They are enjoying their Hell. Hope for whom?



Brahma is a Hindu god, referred to as “the creator” within the Trimurti, the trinity of supreme divinity that includes Vishnu and Shiva.

Narada Muni is a sage-divinity, famous in Hindu traditions as a traveling musician and storyteller, who carries news and enlightening wisdom. He is one of the mind-created children of Brahma, and he appears in a number of Hindu texts like Mahabharata and Ramayana.

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Jernail SinghDr. Jernail Singh Anand, President of the International Academy of Ethics, is author of 161 books in English poetry, fiction, non-fiction, philosophy and spirituality. He was awarded Charter of Morava, the great Award by Serbian Writers Association, Belgrade and his name was engraved on the Poets’ Rock in Serbia. The Academy of Arts and philosophical Sciences of Bari [Italy] honored him with the award of an Honorable Academic.  Recently, he was awarded Doctor of Philosophy [Honoris Causa] by the University of Engineering and Management, Jaipur. Recently, he organized an International Conference on Contemporary Ethics at Chandigarh. His most phenomenal book is Lustus: The Prince of Darkness [first epic of the Mahkaal Trilogy]. Email: anandjs55@yahoo.com

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