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Contemporary World Literature – Poetry from Brazil

Contemporary World Literature – Poetry from Brazil

Contemporary World Literature – Poetry from BrazilContemporary World Literature  Poetry from Brazil

By Márcia Batista Ramos

Márcia Batista Ramos - Brazil. Sindh CourierMárcia Batista Ramos from Brazil holds degree in Philosophy. She is Cultural Manager, writer, poet and literary critic. She is also a columnist in Inmediaciones Magazine, La Paz, Bolivia, in binational journalism Exilio, Mexico, in archive.e-consulta.com, Mexico and in Madeinleon Magazine, Spain. She published several books and anthologies. She is also part of several anthologies. She is contributor to international magazines in more than 14 countries.

Legendary Love

In the sheaf of sheets where you wrote, in between the lines, your fears

Our love was nested…

Drowned in tears

No kisses.

In a chest I hid my stories, without secrets…

While the lighthouse illuminated my steps towards you

Your hand never fit mine.

In a tyrant, cruel time

In my sky a wounded cloud.

In your night’s other whispers and the silent moon.

(No sound on the moon)

Is there no sincere word?

That infinite distance!

Deep anguish…

Love like ours

That tastes like a lot

And it tastes like nothing.

Where do we inherit any tenderness?

I hide my sorrow:


I hope you cradle my soul.

I despair!

I look at a kind of mirror…


I in you become a poem,

More nothing!


“Things that die never rise again,

Things that die never come back”.

Alfonsina Storni

You said goodbye

What silence, what lack of air!

Between us the pain, the lipless kisses, words – poems

In you, there was little more than a desire

And the taste of anger

In me, the memories moldy cocoons, between dire shadows…

The incommunicable pain that you will never know…

Outside the raging wind

The broken life, the soul in pieces, the hours that were,

Withered hope, infinite longing,

The inert days

Path that leads to nowhere

Secret love that will not return

The minefields, stretching distances

The mind waiting for signs, experiencing torture

You said goodbye, while I

Detaching myself from myself

Unravelling in silence

Spilling me in water and salt,

With the eyes in pieces

With shortness of breath

… I also said goodbye to you.


All died

Before I was born:

Grandma Antoinette

Grandma Negrita

Grandpa Cesáreo

Grandma Leontina

Grandpa Ignacio

The aunts

The cousins

Today I’m alive

Full of the dead!