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Faiz Gunj people launch movement for health facilities

Faiz Gunj people launch movement for health facilities

Most of the doctors appointed at RHC have never been seen in the hospital, as they work at their private clinics

From Correspondent

Khairpur, Sindh

The local people of Faiz Gunj have launched the movement to enhance the rudimentary health facilities and upgrade the Rural Health Center (RHC) in Faiz Gunj Taluka of Khairpur district.

The RHC is the sole basic health center in the tehsil of Faiz Gunj, which happens to be the most densely populated tehsil in Khairpur district.

Unfortunately, the majority of the populace in this locality is afflicted with serious illnesses, such as Hepatitis A, B, C, TB, chest infections, especially Malaria and Typhoid. The situation has exacerbated after the catastrophic floods, which have led to a significant rise in the incidence of various diseases in the area.

The plight of the common people in these appalling health conditions is dire, as they have been left helpless and hopeless, owing to the RHC’s complete lack of an emergency ward or ambulance services. Moreover, the road ascent to Mehran Highway is perilous, and it is commonplace for locals to bring injured individuals to the Hospital.

Sadly, many of the seriously injured patients die due to the unavailability of proper first aid and qualified doctors. Most of the doctors appointed to the RHC have never been seen in the hospital, and those who are occasionally present mostly work at their private clinics.

Regrettably, medicines have never been provided to the poor or source less people in the locality.

In any case, patients can only receive two or, at best, three tablets from the hospital. They are further advised to seek proper treatment at private clinics, which is unaffordable for the majority of the populace.

The organizers of the movement for improving the RHC have staged their second protest against the unavailability of an ambulance, emergency ward services, and doctors who primarily work at their private clinics.

Before launching the protests against these issues, activists tried to reach out to the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital to collect data on the daily OPD, but the Medical Superintendent has been evading the provision of such information. The protesters have been demanding the establishment of an emergency ward, the provision of ambulance services, and the provision of medicines and qualified doctors to the RHC, which is an essential facility for the population in the region.



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