Home Poetry Flight of the Ivy Leaf – A Poem from Jeju Island of Korea

Flight of the Ivy Leaf – A Poem from Jeju Island of Korea

Flight of the Ivy Leaf – A Poem from Jeju Island of Korea
Ivy Leaves

Yang Geum-Hee

Yang-Geum-Hee- Korea-Sindh-CourierBorn in 1967 in Jeju, Korea, Yang Geum-Hee published three books – two collections of poetry: ‘Happiness Account’, ‘Ieodo, Island of Legend and Existence’, and one collection of essay ‘Happy Companion. She was the first president of the Ieodo Literature Association, the editor in chief of the Jejuin News. She worked as a research fellow of the Society of Ieodo Research. She served as a researcher at Jeju Sea Grand Center at Jeju National University and a special professor at Jeju International University. Currently, she is editorial writer of New Jeju Ilbo, special researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences of Jeju National University, vice-president of the Jeju Regional Committee of the Korean PEN center, Executive of the Jeju Institute for the Korean Unification and Executive of the Korean Association of Ethics. She won 4 Literary Awards.

Flight of the Ivy Leaf

The flock on the wall, bathed in the glow of sunset,

Dancing and fluttering with wings of crimson red.

On the rugged cliff, in their nest,

Proudly boasting their green wings in summer.

Thanks to the wall standing there,

Passion turned the sunlight even more radiant.

As if weaving fabric, the wings were attached to the wall,

Growing long for a single flight.

Unaware that it was to be their final flight,

They strengthened their wings amidst the storm.

Those birds,

Living within the realm of the wall,

Desire to fly further away.

Ivy leaves rising to a different world,

Softly fluttering towards the soil,

Meeting the apex of life through an ecstatic flight.


Ivy Leaf-1
Ivy Leaves

담쟁이 잎의 비행

노을에 물든 벽의 새떼

붉게 물든 날개 파르르 떨며 춤을 추네

깎아지른 절벽 둥지에서

여름날 초록 날개 자랑스레 흔들었지


그곳에 벽이 있기에

푸른 열정이 햇살을 더욱 빛나고

직물을 짜듯이 날개를 벽에 붙들고

번의 비행을 위해 자랐네

그것이 마지막 비행인 줄도 모른

비바람 속에서 힘살을 키웠



벽의 세계에서 살다가

멀리멀리 날고파

다른 세상으로 차오르는 담쟁이 잎새

흙을 향하여 사뿐사뿐

황홀한 비행으로 생의 정점을 맞는



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