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On the Beach – Poetry from the land of Sindhu Civilization

Acclaimed Short Story Writer and Novelist Ghulam Nabi Mughal shares his two English poems – ‘On the Beach’ and ‘Love is not a Sin’.

You told me my beloved this moonlight shows tides way to thirsty shores and leads blood circulation of woman to desire for love!

Ghulam Nabi Mughal

Ghulam Nabi Mughal, born on March 12, 1944, is an acclaimed short story writer and novelist of Sindhi language. Based in Hyderabad city of Sindh province of Pakistan did his maters in International Relations from University of Sindh, graduation in law from Sindh Law College and acquired higher certification and training in Food Grain Storage and Management from Kansas State University. He had joined Food Department, Government of Sindh in 1967 from where retired as Regional Director in 2002. He has authored around fifty poems in English over a decade.


On the Beach

All alone sitting on the beach wall

Dark charcoal roads reflects behind

Long lights of stray cars

Remembering those beloveds

Who were once parts of life!

Left in graves, hell or heaven

Over me, is half starry globe

With cool breeze on my land

Sitting on the beach wall some hundred

Years ago

Miles away from the city lights

Full moon spreads its magic force

You told me my beloved

This moonlight shows tides way to thirsty shores

And leads blood circulation of woman

To desire for love!

Love is not a sin!

Your smile

Is the second best thing

Your lips can do!


Your dark eloquent eyes

Send the message under starry open sky!

When descends in my soul deeply and melting

I hear and bear heart-quake!

Trembling over you comes a whisper:

“Where there is love there is no sin.”


Let me tell you

Kiss is the best thing your lips can do,

Coition is the beginning of mankind

Pregnant belly is the beautiful thing,

Nature has ever created.

Therefore, the woman who loves

Always smells good!


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