Home Public Issues Release of Salaries: Teachers should lodge complaints against corrupt officers

Release of Salaries: Teachers should lodge complaints against corrupt officers

Release of Salaries: Teachers should lodge complaints against corrupt officers

Minister Sardar Shah has categorically warned the field officers at the DEO offices of taking action without investigation if he received any complaint  

Following the audio message of Sindh Education Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah, it’s now crystal clear that the officers of school education department are demanding bribes from the newly recruited teachers for release of their salaries. Now it is upto these teachers to raise voice and lodge written complaints against corrupt officers.

Sindh School Education Department has posted on social media a voice message of provincial education minister Sardar Shah that sounds a warning to the officers of his department involved in delaying the salaries of newly recruited teachers across the province.

“I have received a number of complaints through social media and also personally that bribes are being demanded at the District Education Offices from the newly recruited PSTs and JESTs for release of the arrears of their salaries,” Sardar Shah said in his audio warning note.

“This is my clear message to the Secretary, School Education, Directors, District Education Officers and Taluka Education Officers. Listen to me attentively. I have been receiving the complaints through social media and personally that the elements at District Education Offices are demanding bribes for the release of arrears of salaries of the newly recruited teachers. I have made clear that I will not tolerate such corrupt practices, as these teachers have been recruited purely on merit basis.”

Minister warned of taking action against such corrupt officers on any written complaint that would include removal from the job and lodging of criminal case against them.

“Time and again I have warned verbally and in writing to avoid such corrupt practices but the field officers still indulge in such practices,” Sardar Shah said concluding, “This is my loud warning, listen to it carefully and take it seriously – this is for Secretary, Directors, DEOs and TEOs – stop such illegal practices or otherwise I will take strict action without any investigation whenever I received any complaint.”

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