Contemporary World Literature - Poetry from Bangladesh - Princess Lycho

Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Bangladesh

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Contemporary World Literature - Poetry from Bangladesh - Princess Lycho
Lycho (left) standing with Anvita Abbi and holding her book of Great Andamanese creation myths – Photo: Satish Abbi, 2013

Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Bangladesh

Poems by Masudul Hoq

Masudul Hoq (1968) has a PhD in Aesthetics from Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is a contemporary Bengali poet, short story writer, translator and researcher. His published work includes short stories Tamakbari (1999), The poems Dhonimoy Palok (2000), Dhadhashil Chaya, (translated version is ‘Shadow of Illusion’) (2005) and Jonmandher Swapna, (translated version is Blind Man’s Dream) 2010, translated by Kelly J. Copeland.

Masudul Hoq - Contemporary World Literature - BangladeshMasudul Hoq also translated T.S. Eliot’s poem ‘Four Quarters’ (2012), Allen Ginsburg’s poem ‘Howl’ (2018) from English to Bengali. In the late 1990s for 3 years he worked under a research fellowship at The Bangla Academy. Bangla Academy has published his two research books. His poems have been published in Chinese, Romanian, Mandarin, Azeri, Turkish, Nepali and Spanish languages. At present he is a Professor of Philosophy in a government college, Bangladesh.


Princess Lycho

Moving from Andaman Trunk road

Seeing the sun being grey

Breathing from the shadow of cloud

King Zyrak’s daughter Lycho felt pain.


Passing fifty years in a straw house,

Keeping the words alive,

At last princess Lycho lost in the deep virus sleep.


Keeping in mind that she will never rise

Sare words hide themselves

In the voice of Andamanian tiger

So that they never met with human


Now it’s Kojagori full moon

Sitting beside the sea, the tigers

Count the age of moon with Sare language


Some butterfly come

With Jeru and Pujukkor words


Constantly I’m getting inside our home

Getting drenched under the shower

I get into the hill waterfall


I find lively well

Looking at the flower vase


Through our conflict

Volcano rises up in our kitchen stove


At the time of our internal moment

Forest moon comes up

Behind the Madhobi Bush


Everything was written over the fingers

Writing was completed by pen while reading

Things those are acquired

Are written pen and ink now!


Again just to hold the legacy

Sometimes hazy writings become essential

Often written by the old thumb