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Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Indonesia

Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Indonesia
Sublime Tears, the whisper of God - Illustration Courtesy: Pinterest
Contemporary World Literature - Poetry from Indonesia-1
Sublime Tears, the whisper of God – Illustration Courtesy: Pinterest

Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Indonesia

Poems by Ewith Bahar

Ewith Bahar is a poetess from Indonesia and lives in Jakarta. She had a long time career in a mass-communication field, radio and television industry. Being a TV host at Television of Republic of Indonesia (TVRI, a government TV station) for several cultural and musical programs has broadened her vision that helps much in her writing works. One of her poetry books got a prestigious prize from Indonesian National Library as The Best Five Indonesian Poetry Books 2019. 

Contemporary World Literature - Ewith Bahar - Indonesia - Sindh CourierEwith wrote novel, short stories, essay, and poetry books. Ewith Bahar also loves teaching. She was a teacher at a Communication Institution, Interstudi and LEPPKINDO, and a public speaker for communications matters, creative writing and Bibliotherapy.      

Email address: ewith2408@yahoo.com, edbawythona04@gmail.com


Your sublime tears

A melodic rain, flows within the ocean of my heart

Watering each and every niche

Watering the barren land of

Misunderstanding and jealousy

Purify the murky waters of emotions


Your sublime tears

A God’s whisper

Pearly drops of divine strength


I’m no more a sea you admire

Embrace and caress your toes with desire

A calm surface under the darkened cloud

Like a silence persists in a crowd


We have our own shadow,

Which endlessly follows

The submissiveness definition

Of infinite affection


I’m no more a sea you adore

With a tainted enthusiasm

I’m now just a silent shore

With mystery within that not pleonasm!


My eyes are yours

Watching a deep cerulean

Turns slowly into obsidian

Charcoal shadow

Heightens the mysterious beauty

When a satiny robe of night falls elegantly

Blanketed you and me


Dark…oh so dark, and our love glints

“Just like your eyes,” you said


Under the ebony sky

Nature shapes our silhouettes

As a unity of two souls


My hand lies on your chest

Gleaming in the moonlight

Sweet melody from your heartbeats

Softly caresses my fingers’ skin

A voice within

Is a rhythmic melody of ecstatic feeling in silence

Like sacred poetry

How powerful a night, a touch and a serene lake in your eyes

Releasing, freeing, vitalizing

When the porcelain sky gets darker

The two souls get drunk.


Spring days come, spring days go

But love like life, stays

Reborn every morning and every night

Mesmerizing like serenade composition


As spring approaches,

A light exists

Sending its orange bliss

With brand new philosophies


Sweet season is caught in my black tresses

In cozy patios with rosy roses

And in the balmy two sealed lips


Unwinged and anonymous dreams

Are killed every time the eyes open

Leaving chartreuse seeds of realities

Which will live in all seasons

Like sweet alyssum


Spring days, embellishing the ordinary

But life will come to a standstill

And love follows with a fragrance of eternity


Time flies

Twisting life with laughs and cries

Moves swiftly from traditionalism to modernism

From yesterday to tomorrow

A fluctuation brings the palette of changed colors

Brings the breeze and the storm

And women sweep them gracefully into dance


Within ages, women wear their same faces

Deceptive voices, croaky or melodious

Hidden emotions,

Silent tears or enigmatic smile

They forgive the scars, heal the wounds


And the sharp knives in their drawers

Are the wisdom from hundreds of books they read?


They speak, they write, they initiate, they finalize

They are future that you dream of,

Lungs and hearts your life depends on,

And big love that you call home!


Until someday

When the eternal light surrounds

And I fade away to a vast eternity

Started a winged life with no desires

No more lusty temptation

No darkness…no gloom but celestial shine

Leading to a certainty that earth could never afford


In this no-name land, no past to be remembered

No memories to be traced

I just lost my logical sense

Because this eternity existed without start and without end

The only thing I recognize

A bizarre ceiling above that I call a purest sky

Which to the land under my legs I wave goodbye


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