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Dr. Priya Shrivastava – A renowned Kathak Dancer

Dr. Priya Shrivastava – A renowned Kathak Dancer

In an interview, Dr. Priya speaks in detail about the past, present and future of Kathak dance.

Hailing from Bilaspur Chhattisgarh, Dr. Priya Shrivastava completed her B A, M.A M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Kathak dance and presently she is working as Head of Department at Lalit Kala Vibhag Dr. C. V. Raman University Bilaspur Chhattisgarh where she had joined in 2021.

Dr Priya Shrivastava - Kathak-Dancer- Sindh Courier-6On 10 March Studio News 28 team decided to take her online live Interview, broadcasted in 17 countries. During interview she shared her experience and also explained various terms of Kathak and its history. According to her, she loved dancing since childhood and her parents too encouraged her to study and learn dancing.

This interview was hosted by Mr. Praddep Jodhani and Mr. Rajesh Kumar Parasramani, Sindhi Sarangi player of Bilaspur Chhattisgarh.

Dr Priya Shrivastava - Kathak-Dancer- Sindh Courier-5Dr Priya Shrivastava - Kathak-Dancer- Sindh Courier-4Dr. Pirya has performed in India’s most tough dance competitions and TV shows. She also been awarded by various authority for her excellent performance in the field of Kathak, which is one of the main genres of ancient Indian classical dance and is traditionally regarded to have originated from the travelling bards of North India referred as Kathakars or storytellers.

Dr Priya Shrivastava - Kathak-Dancer- Sindh Courier-3These Kathakars wandered around and communicated legendary stories via music, dance and songs quite like the early Greek theatre. The genre developed during the Bhakti movement, the trend of theistic devotion which evolved in medieval Hinduism.

Dr Priya Shrivastava - Kathak-Dancer- Sindh Courier-2The Kathakars communicate stories through rhythmic foot movements, hand gestures, facial expressions and eye work. This performing art that incorporates legends from ancient mythology and great Indian epics, especially from the life of Lord Krishna became quite popular in the courts of North Indian kingdoms. Three specific forms of this genre that is three gharanas (schools), which mostly differ in emphasis given to footwork versus acting, are more famous namely, the Jaipur gharana, the Banaras gharana and the Lucknow gharana.

Click here to watch the interview of Dr. Priya Shrivastava

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Dr. Priya Shrivastava and Rajesh Kumar Parasramani. Rajesh is a renowned Sarangi Player and is doing his Ph. D. on Sarangi. He he had developed his own Sindhi Sarangi. His ancestors belonged to Sehwan town of Sindh.