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Interfaith Harmony Event: Speakers call for respecting all the religions

Interfaith Harmony Event: Speakers call for respecting all the religions
Pakistan Young Hindu Forum honors participants hailing from different faith with Pride of Performance Awards

PPP MNA Ramesh Wankwani demands returning the Hindu Gymkhana back to Hindu community   

Karachi, Sindh

The speakers and participants of an event organized by Pakistan Young Hindu Forum and dedicated to melodious singer of Sindh Shaheed Bhagat Kanwar Ram, underlined the importance of interfaith harmony and peace for the progress of the country. The event was held at Hindu Gymkhana Karachi on Saturday May 25, 2024.

Addressing the event, Sain Sadh Ram, Hazir Saroop, said that all religions are respectable and show the path of the righteousness, but with different ways to reach.

Hindu-Forum-Sindh-Courier-2He highlighted the life story of Amar Shaheed Kanwar Ram, who dedicated his entire life for the service of the people regardless of the colour caste creed and religion.

Ramesh Wankwani, MNA of PPP, raised the issue of Hindu Gymkhana building which was built and delivered to Hindu Community in the year 1921 but after creation of Pakistan, the same was taken over by the government, and till this day the Hindu Community is deprived of the use of Hindu Gymkhana and had to seek permission from the culture department to hold such kind of events in the building.

Hindu-Forum-Sindh-Courier-3He appealed the government to return the possession of the building to Hindu Community so that a healthy message should pass on to the world that the minority of Pakistan are having equal and harmonious rights.

Ghulam Shabbir Shar, senior Advocate highlighted the need of interfaith programs so that a mutual understanding may be set between all the faiths. Sarfraz Maitlo, General Secretary High Court Bar Association Karachi while addressing the issues concerning the minorities of Pakistan assured the help of Bar Association in case of need.

President of Pakistan Young Hindu Forum and Advocate Supreme Court Mukesh Kumar Karara welcomed the participants hailing from different faiths. Mukesh Karara, while opening the session of Interfaith Harmony urged to tolerate each other’s faith and respect, love, each other.

Hindu-Forum-Sindh-Courier-4The participants were drawn from different walks of life, including senior lawyers of the Bar Association, Bishops, and pastors from Christian community, Muslim Scholars, and large number of people from all over Sindh.

Mr. Mc Millon Lee from US Consulate of Karachi also attended the program.

In recognition of the services, many of the participants from different religions were awarded the Pride of Performance Award. (PR)

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  1. The event of Interfaith Harmony was indeed a breakthrough and first ever conducted by the Hindu Community in Pakistan

  2. Kudos to Mr. Mukesh Kumar Karara (ASC) for hosting one of its kind event and for gathering such group of remarkable people who have given so much to the society in terms of uniting different religions and faiths. Truly a remarkable feat of work👏.


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