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Women Global Poetic Gems – A Poetic Collection Dedicated to the Women

Women Global Poetic Gems – A Poetic Collection Dedicated to the Women

Albania-born Italian poet and writer Angela Kosta publishes ‘Women Global Poetic Gems’ – a collection of poems by 35 international poets

After publishing last month the anthology with her translations of 72 poet authors from all over the world, on the occasion of Mother’s Day (May12) , Angela Kosta publishes ‘Women Global Poetic Gems’ – a 285-page collection of lyric poems by 35 international poets.

This book is dedicated to all mothers, women, wives and daughters, who today more than ever, suffering often silently both verbal and psychological violence. In spite of this, the WOMAN continues and preserves this unspeakable power, which man is often unable to grasp and understand.

Angela Kosta- WomenThe Woman regenerates the same life in her womb, so she is not frightened by anything. It is the divine gem in the infinite spell on nature and that is precisely what you will find in this collection of poems. Every poet verses and puts her unprejudiced unconscious before the mirror of existence, elaborates her thoughts, defeats her torment, rejoices in her satisfactions, highlights the passion, the emotions of lost loves, highlights the profound reflection on family and social life, echoes and evokes peace everywhere, explores, preserves, decorates and cares with admiration for all that nature offers us in all its magnificent and enigmatic presence.

“Women – Global Poetic Gems” is the pure soul of all the women of the world, who fly free with feathers and ink, where no one can touch, hinder and prevent what they would like to externalize. Nothing can stop the rising of the sun, the flow of the river, the flowering and the rebirth all this exists on this earth, because the woman is there, just as the universe is because she herself is the universe. The Woman embraces the whole world at every moment, with her infinite sweetness and divine beauty. Alert and attentive, she rocks the cradle of the whole world because with her lungs she nourishes all that vibrates and breathes. And it is no coincidence that God created it… Woman is the author of the miracle of Life!!!

Biography of Author

Angela Kosta was born in Elbasan (Albania) and has lived in Italy since 1995. She is a translator, essayist, journalist, literary critic, publisher and promoter. She has published 13 books: novels, poems and fairy tales in Albanian, Italian and English. The proceeds of his two books in Italy were donated to the non-profit association for research on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and to the Association Daniele Chianelli for scientific research on Leukemia, Tumors and Lymphomas in children and adults. Her poetic volume translated by scholar and writer Hasan Nashid, approved by the Bangladeshi Ministry of Culture, will soon be published in Bengali.

Her publications and translations have been published in various literary magazines and newspapers in several continental and intercontinental countries.

Angela Kosta - Sindh CourierAngela Kosta translates and writes articles and interviews for the newspaper “Calabria Live”, Saturno magazine, Alessandria Today Magazine, the international magazine “Orfeu:”, the newspaper “Nacional”, Gazeta Destinacioni, Perqasje Italo – Shqiptare, the magazine “Atunis”, she collaborates with the magazines: “International Literature Language Journal (Michigan), Wordsmith International Editorial (Florida), Raven Cage (Germany), Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc.

She is co-host in several anthologies in USA, England, India, Bangladesh, Albania, Russia, Germany, Kosovo, etc.

Angela Kosta has translated 150 authors into bilingual: Italian – Albanian and vice versa and has promoted over 500 poets in various national and international literary magazines as well as translating the books of poems by 3 Albanian and Kosovar authors. He has also translated the poems of important Italian classics, and many other famous authors.

Angela Kosta is Vice President of the South Korea Writers’ Association, Vice President of the Tamikio Dooley Writers Choach Organization, Ambassador for Culture and Peace in: Bangladesh, Poland, Morocco, Canada, Algeria, Egypt, Mexico, Romania, India, etc.

She is also a member of the Writers’ League (LSHASH) and BSHBSH – Italy, AAA (America), Greece, Poland, Hungary, Mexico, Romania, Croatia, India.

In Italy many important newspapers and magazines have written various articles about Angela Kosta: La Nazione, Il Messaggero, Il Corriere dell’Umbria, Revista Confidenze, Il Quotidiano d’Italia, Umbria 7, News Diretta, Umbria 24, Vivo Umbria, etc…

Prominent international critics have praised her writing: Francesca Gallello, (writer, screenwriter, journalist, director of Saturno magazine, Italy), Mustafa Gökçek (journalist and literary critic, Turkey), El Majjad (journalist, literary critic, Iraq), Pier Carlo Lava (publisher), Rasim Maslic (journalist, painter, writer, Croatia), Fabrizio Ciocchetti (writer, journalist, Italy), Elena Caruso (journalist, literary critic), Federica Mastroforti (journalist), Adriano Bottaccioli (writer, Director of Art), Paolo Ippoliti (journalist), Enzo Beretta (journalist), Simone Strati Editore, Nasir Aijaz journalist, poet, scholar, publisher, (Pakistan), Dibran Fylli, academic,  director, poet, editor-in-chief, Ndue Dragusha, poet, editor, essayist, Rifat Ismaili, writer, literary critic, essayist, etc…

Angela Kosta has been translated and published in 30 foreign languages and foreign countries. In 2024 alone, it has been published in 95 national and international newspapers and magazines, with: poems, articles, interviews, books, reviews, etc. He has received numerous awards from various magazines and newspapers. In 2023, the magazine OBELISK directed by Roland Lushi declared her, among others, the best translator with translations of the Noblest poet Giosuè Alessandro Giuseppe Carducci, as well as the Moroccan newspaper Akhbar7 proclaimed her the Celebrity Woman for 2023.

Angela Kosta has received the Certification of Doctor Honoris Causa from various universities including: Colombia, Moldova, Yemen, Algeria, Romania, Mexico, and India and recently also from the University of Language and Literature in Morocco by Dean Muhammad Blik.

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