Home Poetry You come to the lake – A Bouquet of Poems from Uzbekistan

You come to the lake – A Bouquet of Poems from Uzbekistan

You come to the lake – A Bouquet of Poems from Uzbekistan


Tillaniso-Uzbek PoetessTillaniso was born in 1993 in Bukhara region, Uzbekistan and graduated from the National University.  She is author of some books such as “Dilkhat”, “Olovrang Tugyon”, “Blood” and “Sunbula”.

In 2021, she was awarded the “Tahsin” youth award. She is Member of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan. Her poems have been published in Great Britain, Spain, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Russia.

You come to the lake

You come to the lake

To drown yourself

Which is ten days ago

Came with your loved one.

From the lake bridge

Staring to the sky

And down to the water.

Look here and there




If you listen to the green whisper of the leaves

Trembling leaves are like the news of the future,

If whispers, it’s like a word from God.

Birds fly over your head,

Gray infinity above your head –

You kiss infinity and write to it:

What do you lose when you die?

What if you live?

What’s the use of death, if you can just live?

The heart wants to understand the truth of destiny to the end

If your soul finds strength to face the truth

What is the use of death?

Do you have the opportunity to understand forever? –

Infinity writes this in your heart

Death whispers this to your soul.

You looked up to the sky and down to the blue water,

You looked into the eyes of death for a moment.

Bright infinity is spinning above your head!


Cities-Battle Pinterest
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I saw the cities

I saw the cities

I walked in them

I wanted to see

What is there?

But in front of me

I met people who reminded me

And people I want to avoid.

I forgot the name of the person

The ways I forgot

Reminding people

Battles and rushes came out.

I lay down again

I did not get up for many years

I wrapped myself in bed

The Earth finally said:

I can’t take your pain

Don’t lean on me.

I stood up, I sat down

My friend said:

Wear a protective mask

Protect yourself like a shield

Let no imagination enter it

And impressions

Battles and rushes.

But I did not wear this shield

The world also said:

Don’t lean on me.

I went to the heaven

I wanted to throw myself out of the sky

Want to be a cobbler

I fly from the sky to the ground.

The sky said:

A flying person is always without support

The flying man is always suspended

Air and space take him everywhere

A person who flies forever without a support

And the unsupported can always fly.

I am without support

But the flying human!


Translated by Nodirabegim


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