Contemporary World Literature - Poetry from Mexico -1

Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Mexico

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Contemporary World Literature - Poetry from Mexico -1Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Mexico

Poems by Lilian Michelle Medina

Lilian Michelle Medina (CDMX) is a Mexican poetess and writer, who does not distinguish between the passion for the letters and free running. She studied Hispanic Letters at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. She has participated in literature conferences as a speaker and moderator since 2015.
Contemporary World Literature - Mexican Poet - LilianShe obtained the first place in the Poetry category of the Literary Creation Contest organized by the XX CEEECIL. Currently participates in independent projects and as an assistant in the System National Researchers. She shares literature on the Instagram account @lectophilica.


The broken

All the broken know

Of emptiness and absence

They carry ghosts hanging

All over the body

That they weigh and sometimes


All the broken

Discover new fissures

With every stroke of luck

Because they drag doom


All the broken know

Of families by contract,

Of friends

With a very long tongue

And love

Without significance

All the broken know

Of horizons without sun,

Of echoes in the chest,

Of the rise and fall of the sea

And from elusive hiding places

All the broken

Walk without knowing

How many frayed seams

They carry under their footsteps.

The broken ones don’t go to the tailor,

They fray themselves little by little.

No vacancy

Hidden pain,

Heir of silence

And emotional firstborn,

You come back to me as a guest

That claims your stay

Enduring, ethereal,


Just an illusory touch

Of foam on the edge of my feet,

You arrive like the wave

That heralds the tsunami,

Subtle and phony:

You drown out the cry of the body

In the sound of your tyranny

Where had you been?

Split on the pillow

Of my ancient ages

Dreaming that you are death

On the bed of the impossible

Hidden in the bags of my face

Castaway between the stories without waves

Recondite pain, old mirror,

You get to cure me of the illusion that I live;

I would give you free accommodation,

But you become unsustainable

When you are big to my chest!

2 am

Perches under the mattress

(Making me uncomfortable)

Like the old family photos:

Treasure of a generation

Of kisses and caresses

I dive into the pillow

Of the boiling time

And I evaporate myself

In the form of a nightmare:

There is no cloud that shelters me

In the wake of mourning

The distaste of your absence

It rushes me


Towards a glass of alcohol,

Infected with nostalgia

And loss

I sleep on your memory

And I crush you

With the weight of dreams

That you left orphans

Of dawn

Under my eyes!

(Translated from Spanish to English by Mercedes Soto)


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