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Salma Bhutto – A Versatile Writer and Poet

Salma Bhutto – A Versatile Writer and Poet

Hailing from remote town of Gambat and currently based in Karachi, Salma has gained vast experience as creative content writer, researcher, teacher and trainer at the very young age.     

Hailing from Gambat, a remote town of Khairpur District of Sindh, Salma Bhutto is a columnist, poetess, blogger, social media manager, graphic designer, book translator, creative content writer, researcher, trainer and Project Manager, now based in Karachi, the capital of province. She writes with pen name Salma Habib.

Salma graduated in Sociology from Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur and did M. Phil. in European Studies from University of Karachi.

Before moving to Karachi, Salma had been working for some educational institutes in Gambat and Khuhrra towns in different capacities. She has also worked for Sindh Education Foundation and The Citizens Foundation besides some other non-government organizations.  She is recipient of Best Principal Award and Best Teacher Award.

Salma, having command over three languages, had been engaged in syllabus translation from English to Urdu and Sindhi language.

At the young age, she has gained lot of experience of writing articles and columns in English, Urdu and Sindhi; social media management; designing web posters, cards and book covers; analytical research-based writings; team management etc.

Salma also composes poetry in three languages – Sindhi, Urdu and English.

Salma Bhutto has shared some of her works in all the three languages.

Sindhi Poem



Urdu Poem


مین لڑکی ہوں مین بیٹي ہوں ھمیشہ ياد رکھتی ہوں

میں رونہ بھول جاتی ہوں بس ہنسنہ ياد رکھتی ہوں

میں باھر جب بھی جاتی ہوں اک ہوس کی بدبو آتی ہے

میں باہر جب بھی جاتی ہوں اک ہوس کی بدبو آتی ہے

میں نظریں نیچی رکھتی ہوں پر نظریں ڈستی رہتی ہیں –

وہ گلی میں دو؛ چھ روڈ پے؛ اور دَس بس میں

مین رستے بھول جاتی ہوں پر نظريں یاد رکھتی ہوں


ماں کہتی ہے تجھے سہنا ہے گر تجھ کو آگے پڑہنا ہے

میں خد سے خد ھی لڑتی ھوں کیوں سہتی ہوں ؟


گالی؛ تھپھڑ ؛چاقو ؛خنجر سب میری ذات کے آلے ہیں

میں لڑکی ہوں میں خاموشی سے سہتی ہوں


میں زندہ ہو کے مرتی ہوں ؛اور مر کے پیدا ہوتی ہوں

میں بیٹی ہوں میں لڑکی ھمیشہ یاد رکھتی ہوں


English Poems

Funeral of Emotions

At the funeral of emotions

The feeling also came

Shame on the eyes

For there were no tears

How a big coward was soul

It was a distant spectacle

The killer of this death

Were words so harsh!

But the victim was “I”

At that innocent death of sentiments

I was standing quietly



With these bright and shiny lights,

I washed the darkness of my heart

I came into a relationship with the Lord

And left polytheism behind

I put the sorrows on the way,

And joined with happiness

Then the marbles of pride,

Were broken inside the soul

I am blessed by the lord,

The heart has become united with faith.


Forest of Memories

In this forest of memories

That’s how I lost one day

There were tall trees of grief

There was very little sunshine

Like bright hopes there

There was also a long road

I had to cross this road

There was much fear in the forest

Another destination for these blind people to come

Of the loss of the desert

I learned to fight fear again

The worry of destination also left

I walked steadily on the path

And crossed the rocks

From this dense forest of sorrow

Happiness came to be seen.



Oh dad! Listen to me please

I don’t need money but your company,

Hey dad! listen to me please, listen to me!

Peers at school steer at me and call me poor

Dad I don’t need money, it can’t make us rich

Teachers say: you are scared; all question to me?

Dad, listen to please listen to me

And there is a man no its bad man he pains to me!


Dad! For God´s sake listen to me, please listen to me

I don’t need that money

I just need your company

And why I do not dare? My fear is still there

Dad why money can´t make me stronger like bob and jam peer?

Oh dad listen to me damn listen to me!


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